A Couple of Ways...

...to start off the marvelous season of Summer are...

...*adopting* a Winter White hamster and naming him Milo...

...and an Oreo Klondike bar...

Are you doing anything to celebrate this day?


  1. haha! My cats name is Milo! I love that name!

    That Oreo Klondike bar looks awesome! Nothing to spectacular is going on today over here. Just running errands and enjoying nap time!

  2. Uh... YEAH! Except I've never had an Oreo Klondike bar... but the Resees ones are pretty fabulous!!!

    PS. Milo is super cute!

  3. Hehe the hamster is cute. :) His name is almost cuter than he is though..... ;)

    That.Looks.Really.Good. <3

  4. Oh yeah...and Anna...i would LOVE for you to gimmie your email address so i can add you as a reader to my blog (since i'm on private) :)
    Have a wonderful Friday!


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