Yep - I'm Back!

  Wait a second, back from...where? The beach, baby! My family, aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandparents all traveled to the beautiful Holden Beach to vacation for a week. The weather couldn't have been any more perfect and we all had an absolutely wonderful time!  Since I took well over 100 photos (No worries - I didn't post them all) I decided to create some collages of our trip.

These are in no certain order, but I hope you like them!

Yes sirrey-bob, I am now officially fifteen years old! For my birthday I just got a couple cards and a bag of dark chocolates because my whole entire family chipped in to pay the rest of the $150 for my camera (I honestly could have cared less if I didn't get any cards for my birthday. I am just grateful I got the rest of the money!). They all sent me the money early so I could purchase my camera before the beach!

We stayed in an adorable little oceanfront beach house. 10 people + house = :D We mainly just relaxed on the beach and porch, did a bit of shopping, and went out to eat a couple times.

I hope you dear lovely readers enjoyed these photos!
Also, a huge thank you to Maggie, Amanda, and Abigail for your beautiful posts! They did a *fabulous* job and I was so happy and grateful that these awesome, Christian gals were able to guest post.


  1. They are so great those pictures. It looks like you had a amazing time.

  2. 1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 15 is wonderful :) Not quite as wonderful as 16 will be, but we'll get there :)
    2) You went to the BEACH?!?!?!?! Not fair my friend :) Um, take me with you next time??? :D
    3) I just wanted to say that I LOVE the picture in the 3rd collage middle picture on the bottom row is fabulous! I want to see it bigger :D


  3. Happy birthday!
    I am turning 15 next year! :)
    I love the beach!

    Great Pictures!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Nice pics, looks like everyone had a great time! You sound very mature for 15, by the way :)

  5. Great pictures! Looks like you had loads of fun. :D
    Happy belated birthday!!


  6. The little boy listening to "Eye of the Tiger" cracked me up. Looks exactly like my twelve year old brother. Same songs...over...and...over.
    Like the blog! It's very...refreshing! "Refreshing" is a good word. I use it probably as much as you say you use "lovely".
    Oh, and yay for June birthdays!

  7. Anna...man!!! Your pics are great! You are becoming quite the photographer.
    It's been a long time since i've visited your blog.
    I always remember your family trip to the beach. You have some really neat pictures capturing your perspective of things.
    I will be visiting again, more often :)

  8. Enjoyed the pictures! And happy belated Birthday. ;)


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