prayer chain for summer


  A lot of you know that the sweet miss Summer @ Summer's Story is battling DM. She has been going through so, so, so many medications, doctor visits, and chemotherapy just to get in remission. She is a wonderful example of someone who doesn't let her disease ruin her life. Summer is one of the happiest, sweetest, and positive ladies I have ever met and it is pretty much impossible not to absolutely love her!

Unfortunately, her disease has started blazing and she is having to take tons of medications. She is in great need of prayers and therefore I have decided to host a prayer chain link up for her.

It would be wonderful if you guys would link up! Your post could even be something as simple as, "Summer @ Summer's Story is fighting DM and it would be great if you all would pray for her!"

Even if you don't want to link up, please, please, please be praying for her. She wants so badly get in remission.

Remember, God DOES do miracles!

P.S. You also can support her by purchasing a Team Summer T-shirt!


  1. oh sweet Anna I cried when I read this. I am so glad we "met" and are friends! You have a special place in my heart and you are made of AWESOME! Thank you so much for supporting me thru all of this....you rock! I am gonna do a post about it...and let everyone know how AWESOME YOU ARE

    love ya

  2. this post made me almost cry...then i saw Summer's comment & bawled, ha! this is so great what you're doing for me!

  3. Hi Anna,
    What a great idea!!! I submitted; Prayer Chain for Summer.

    Always praying for this sweet sister of ours.


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