south carolina

   'Twas a long, laborious voyage on the thirtieth of July to the state of South Carolina. The horses breathed heavily as they pulled the wagon with a party of four along the continuous dirt road. Would this trip ever end? Other travelers passed by, giving a friendly wave or greeting. Though it felt like an eternity, the wagon finally arrived safely at the fifteen year old girl's grandparents frontier.

As she stepped carefully out of the wagon, she breathed a sigh of happiness.The golden sun beat down on her back, giving her chills of delight, the luscious green grass welcoming her bare feet, and the smell of the rich earth made you want to scoop up a hand full and smell it for hours.

A black cat with shimmering green eyes greeted her as she strolled along the frontier...

blossoming crape myrtles and plant life begged to be witnessed...

birds and various other small animals frolicked about in the summer sun...

warm, savory beans were ready to be eaten....

and to complete the day, a marvelous and exquisite sunset slowly crept behind the trees.


  1. I live in South Carolina, and I love it here!!! It's so beautiful all the time.:):)

  2. That's why I love living in SC :)

  3. aw, so glad you had a great time in the carolinas!

  4. oohhhh....you can come visit me!!! It sure is beautiful here. :)

  5. Ooh... so beautiful! Your a wonderful writer, Anna! And your pictures are gorgeous.
    Glad you had such a wonderful time.


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