southerner or northerner?


  Back when I was a very small child {complete with chubby cheeks} I always pronounced my words as if I came from somewhere like...Maine? Wisconsin? Somewhere up north. Now I was born in Lexington, North Carolina (and yes, where I live...there ARE red necks). Whereas most kids would say the word dog "dawg" I would say...well..."dog." It was the same with other words such as "off", "on", blah blah blah. You get the point, right? And yes - I still do talk like that.


I never really had a defined accent either (and still don't). It's like I barely have a hint of a southern accent, but I talk like I'm from up North. I never say the word "y'all" and I most certainly don't use the word "ain't" (I have banned that word from my vocabulary...I refuse to say it). Once a hairdresser even commented on my unique accent. Funny thing is, my mom has a very southern accent (after all she's from South Carolina...and no she does not say "ain't"), my dad has a slight accent, but me...well...it's confusing

So where in the world is this leading to, you ask?

Would you put me in the category of a Southerner or a Northerner?

Here are a few facts that could maybe, possibly help you crack the case:

Facts that could make me a Southerner
1. I eat grits and casseroles
2. I have the teeniest *hint* of a southern accent
3. I was born in Lexington, North Carolina
4. I drink {extremely} sweet tea
Facts that could make me a Northerner
1. I don't say y'all or ain't
2. I don't pronounce anything like dog "dawg"
3. I don't wear cowboy boots or cowboy hats

Also, feel free to quiz me on different things that could potentially lead me to being a red neck or a yankee. ;)


  1. Hehehe, I'm a strange mix myself. I've lived in the South amid sweet tea, Southern accents, fried chicken, and "y'all" my whole life, and yet I myself have not a hint of a Southern accent. I guess it's because both my mom and dad are from the North, and so my siblings and I are growing up in a not-so-Southern family, despite the fact that we live in the South. But I don't really have a Northern accent either. I just have a... normal accent. :P

    Love and Blessings,
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Hmm... the little bit that I know of you, I would say mostly Northerner :) I don't say ain't either, and I only say y'all when I'm talking in my fake dumb Southerner accent :) Haha!

  3. A Yank. Most certainly.
    I say Y'all, and Ain't and fer and, yeah. Pretty much it all, 'cept dawg.

    And, I have uncles that sound like Larry the Cable Guy. :-D

    I don't think I even have a southern accent, which is a huge let down in my life. lol

  4. Hmm...I'd say your a little closer to Southern.

    I live in the South, but I don't say 'dawg', though an occasional y'all will slip out. But then again, we aren't so far South that everyone we know talks like that - only a few people. :)

    Hope that helps a little!

  5. A Southern belle i am from South Carolina and i dont even say ain't or fer a true southern test is if you say yes ma'am and no sir that is mostly a southern thing


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