farewell summer, hello high-school

 It seems like yesterday that I was my little six year old self, eager to become a high schooler like the "big girls". I went to high-school football games at such a young age and got butterflies in my stomach as I eyed the cheerleaders with awe.

I always anticipated becoming a high-schooler and wanted so badly to have my very own phone, become a cheerleader, and get my driver's license. In my six year old mind, that was what high-school was. Getting to have privileges and do stuff like the big girls. I wanted to be just like them.

{back when I only wore dresses...literally}

Kindergarten and first grade passed. In second grade, I was pulled out of the public school system to be home-schooled (which I love!). 
Grade after grade passed.
And...well...here I am. A freshman. Ninth Grader. High-schooler. The time is finally here and just to clarify, my mind thinks a whole lot differently than my six year old mind did. High school to me now is about loads of tough, mind-boggling work. Papers, projects, algebra, long and tiring days...

...But it's also about expanding my knowledge, digging deeper in subjects, improving in algebra, learning new things I had no clue about, exploring a whole new world.


  1. amen; high school is TOUGH {don't let anyone tell you any diff} but it's also very rewarding. you kinda find out your personality in high school. :)
    you'll do great, friend!

  2. I can't believe you're in high school already :) I think you were only 12 when we first met. I hope you have a great year!!!

  3. You look really pretty in that picture. :)


  4. I'm starting high school this year too! Actually, I've started. You're so pretty in the last picture.


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