a few of my favorite things.

I always have to let out a blissful sigh of relief when Friday comes. Why? Well because it is the weekend, of course!

Throughout the week I have documented through photography things of simplicity, beauty, and simply life.

these are some of my favorite things from the week:

sweet young, children

getting school work done in a reasonable amount of time
cookouts with friends
half eaten apples...

enjoying Wednesday & Thursday with your cousins
making silly videos
talking for well over an hour to your 9 year old cousin about hamsters
buns that happen to stay up perfectly without bobby pins, clips, or any other necessities in them...just your own hair...

feeling accomplished by knowing how to set the aperture on your camera {thanks, carlotta!}
getting nice straight-out-of-camera (aka sooc) photos
God's creation...

clever quotes by your best friend, "I inspire me."
chillier weather
being able to finally wear jeans
skinny jeans, to be exact
cooking lasagna soup for the first time {thanks, emily!}

last but not least...

being asked to do engagement photos.

Saying I am "excited" would definitely be an understatement. I am beyond thrilled, ecstatic, happy!

Do you have any favorites? Be sure to link up at Rachel's blog!

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  1. Loved reading through your exciting things of the week. (: Getting great SOOC photos is always SUCH a good feeling, as are inside jokes with friends (so many hilarious quotes are available...I love it =]). And yes! I'm so enjoying the weather now, and getting to wear jeans. Fall fashion has so many possibilities.

    And you were asked to do engagement photos?? That's so exciting!! I would be so pumped if I were you. (:

  2. A great list of favorites.

    Love the chicken picture. Really -- it's pretty cool.

    And congrats on doing the engagement pictures.


    (thanks for linking up)


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