Pitter patter is the sound I have woken up to for the past three days.

 Whether it descends gracefully or harshly, raindrops have been managing to make their way down to the terrains of North Carolina.

The ambiance has been lovely. To me, listening to the steady fall of the rain is quite peaceful. It seems as if the whole world has been hushed and the rain is all I can hear.

It even makes the outdoors smell richer. I love the scent of fresh, damp Earth.

"I'm singing in the rain, Just singing in the rain, What a glorious feelin,' I'm happy again"


  1. i love the rain. really, it's gorgeous and one of my favourite parts of the year.

    not a fan of snow, but i love the rain. <3

  2. I like hearing the rain fall on the roof. But lots of times, it makes me feel tired. Because it's gloomy out so I'm gloomy and tired, in short I don't feel like doing anything! lol
    But I do like to hear the sound of rain on the roof, it so peaceful sounding.

  3. Haha, your blog is so awesome! I love rain too.

  4. I love rain, too. I wish we got more of it where we live. *sigh*
    Great post. :)

  5. Hey!

    Just came across your blog! You have some nice photos! What kind of camera do you use? I'm having a photography contest over at my blog...feel free to link up! :)

    ~Miss Raquel

  6. I know...we had such a great time! A Christmas get together would be awesome! I want to host one sometime soon...! P.S. The pics are so pretty! -Bailey

  7. Oh I love the rain, especially when I can curl up with a mug of tea and a good book while it rains outside.

  8. Very beautiful pictures! Make me remember summer))


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