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  It seems that all I have been posting on this here little blog are random musings. I know, pathetic, right? I will try my best to post some things other than the miscellaneous {I have many ideas floating about in my brain, no worries}.

Anyway, I am linking up with the lovely Carissa's miscellany monday...


  Notice anything different about Bella Vita? Yes, I totally switched back to the design that Bree did. Honestly, I really missed the whole teal and grey theme she had going on. I will admit, I hated the whole sidebar header. I just wanted to join the fad and be like everybody else.


Little Milo is just growing up so fast. *sniff*


Me, myself, and I {aka my stupid sisters and me}


One of the sweetest little faces I have ever seen. She reminds me of Shirley Temple with a narrower face.


This week has been my best school week! Everything went very smoothly. Thank you all for the prayers. God is good!


I keep getting emails informing me that I've won a free sandwich. (?)


I have my first little photography job tomorrow! Now it is not a paying job which I am TOTALLY fine with. I am just happy that I have been asked to do some pictures! I will be photographing four girls who all have been adopted {and may I say, they are all precious!}.

Have any musings or random thoughts? Feel free to link up!

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p.s. just to clarify, I am not a triplet. I just overlayed three photos of myself to be silly. :)


  1. You are more than welcome to photograph the Cox kids for free photography experience any time!!! :)

  2. Hey, I love the pic of you and your sisters, you all look exactly the same!!

  3. totally love the header...i want to be brave & go to a sidebar header but i'm not gonna mess with a good thing :)

  4. Loved your musings this evening. They brought a smile to my face. You are just adorable!

  5. Beautiful pics...you're so talented! :)


  6. Ohmigosh Anna you're a triplet? I had no idea! And Little Milo...love! :)

  7. you're such a cutie. i did like your sidebar header... just saying. : ) happy photoshooting to you! you'll do great.

  8. I just found your blog! You and your "sisters" are adorable :)


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