With much heavier work loads than I am used to, I have not had the time to sit down and blog. My apologies for leaving my dear little readers in the dark!

Instead of writing a post and grumbling and enlightening you about my woes and miseries about school, I will simply let you view some photos I have taken throughout the week.

one - a photo I took in the mirror of my vanity

two - my maui islands {aka fake sperry's}

three - milo

four - apples. I attempted to make hannah's apple cinnamon muffin recipe which resulted in an epic fail {I totally did not use gluten free flour...oopsie}.

five - cherry popsicles at my MeeMaw's house.

six - a view of the lake from my MeeMaw's dock.

seven - an accurate representation of what I look like on my last day of using Photoshop CS5.

What is a highlight of your week?


  1. Aw, so sad about CS5! Maybe put it on your Christmas list?


  2. I really need to try Hannah's recipe.. I will learn from your mistake though and use gluten free :P

  3. LOVE the Apple pic. That could so totally sell on Etsy!

  4. you had trouble with Hannah's muffins too?! so did i...and i failed, ha! i want to find the recipe with gluten flour in it though because they look delicious :)

  5. Love all the pics. I agree, the apple pic is GREAT! It looks like a painting. ~Love,Mom

  6. Where did your header go??? You pics are great by the way....love ya girl- Bailey

  7. Aw, too bad about the muffins. I always get depressed when a recipe doesn't turn out; but it's still so fun to bake.
    Cute pictures. :)

  8. Fake Sperry's are the way to go! Haha! Your fake ones look exactly like mine :) The highlight of my week? Finally getting on the computer again! Haha!


  9. Wow, Anna, you do such a great job blogging! Inspirational! Even if I can't agree with your about your choices in music.:)

  10. I'm loven' the dress your wearing in the pictures of you and your sisters.;) CUTE!!<3<3


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