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With Thanksgiving only a mere one day away, it is the ideal time to begin pondering things we are grateful for. What could possibly be a better way than to link up with the lovely Rachel's ABC's of Thanks?

I am thankful for...

amusing musings//blessings//cute shoes//dinner out//east coast//friends&family//golden hour//hershey's chocolate//iced coffee//Jesus//kids//laughter//musical theatre//nikon d3000//oreos & milk//photography//quirky people//running around the house//simplicity//taking pictures//united states//vanilla ice cream//winter//x'tra hot cocoa//youtube//zero school work

What are you thankful for?
Finding Joy </P>
<P>The ABC's of Thanks


  1. Wonderful list! I love that first picture, too; it is just so sharp and fresh. :)
    Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  2. REally loved your list of Thanks :)

  3. I love your list & the photo is super cool. Love the hat!

  4. loved your list!! oreos + shoes + laughter + photos = all things I am thankful for. God is so good. :)


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