in which i delete my facebook + pause from blogger

I can't believe I did it. But I did. I actually deleted my facebook. And honestly, I feel so much better now that I did. It isn't permanently deleted, just temporarily deactivated until say...tech week of Annie Get Your Gun? Every day I have been checking it nonstop and it has been distracting me from my school work and becoming far too addictive. So...one by one, I deleted each friend so that when I activate my account again, I will only friend people I "know" (with the exception of blogger friends). Conclusion: I am taking about a four week break from facebook.

And while we are on the topic of deleting things...

I have decided to delete Bella Vita as well. This was hard for me to decide, but it just has to go for the time being. I will reopen it up in a few weeks.

Juuust kidding.

However, I do not know how often I will be posting. School + rehearsals for Annie Get Your Gun take up the majority of my day and it is hard to find time to squeeze in posting. I could be posting anywhere from twice a week, to once a week, to maybe once every week and a half. Have no fear though, I will be posting regularly after the show is over.

If you would, please keep me in your prayers as I go through this busy cemester!


  1. Oh my, I seriously froze for a second when I read the line, "I have decided to delete Bella Vita as well."
    In my head, there was this litte person standing and screaming, "Don't do it!!" Haha. So relieved it was a joke. You seriously got me. ;)
    And congrats on deactivating your fb account for a bit. I deactivated mine last year in Sept. and haven't gone back since. ;)

  2. Good for you{Facebook...}!! :)

    you scared me!! I was like "nooooo you can't leave!!" :P So glad your staying!!!

  3. No way. You go girl!
    Prayers will be said...we all know what it's like to be busybusybusy.

  4. your scared me there. i seriously started crying. but now i'm unscared. and my face is so wet that i'm pretty sure i've become a human baby wipe. awkward. but anyway, yay for you deleting facebook! i just got mine, so i haven't deleted it yet. i don't think i will anytime soon, because i get to play wheel of fortune which is really fun. anyway. good post :))
    -jocee <3

  5. Wow, I got wondering too. lol So have you already de-activated it? Cause if you haven't, have a look at this link and make sure you like it. :) http://wish.seek.com.au/entry/Sunbeam_Catcher

  6. Thats my life too! I do school and go to play practice! Its crazy, but really fun! Im in "Once Upon a Mattress" its the story of the princess and the pea! Good luck on yours!

    In Christ

  7. Praying for you! I understand how much of a time sucker Facebook can be.

  8. I'm so proud of you...haha! No-really...I know how distracting these things can be- you made the right choice! -Bailey

  9. Facebook is a huge distraction - good job on taking a break from it! I'm so glad that you aren't actually deleting Bella Vita though. ;)

  10. Whoa, I froze too!!! I mean, I totally understand Facebook, but NOT BELLA VITA!!! Haha! :) Good for you!!!


  11. I froze when I say you said you were going to delete BELLA VITA!!!!!!!!
    You scared me!

  12. What a wise young lady you are! FB will be there whenever you want to go back and it's not near as important as the other things in our lives. All the best as you dedicate your time to the play. Blessings!

  13. You're doing Annie Get Your Gun? I read a monologue from that play once and it made me laugh :)

    And I really should think about letting facebook go for a while....



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