sunday letters

Dear North Carolina,
   My, my, my. You are bipolar. I mean come on - two weeks ago we had a thirty degree climate + snow. And now? We are having sixty, seventy, and eighty degree weather. I am tickled pink to have Spring arrive quite early. Thank you.

Dear School,
   Please be extra good to me. That is all.

Dear {Early} Spring,
  Make yourself at home. The warm climate, flowers blossoming, and other Spring-y goodness are good for the soul and make Anna Gray happy.

Dear Social Media,
  This whole thing of my facebook being de-activated is working out very well. Honestly, I thought I would miss seeing my friends' miscellaneous ramblings...but quite frankly - I really do not think about it that much. Just a couple more weeks and it will be activated again. And while we're on the subject of social media, my Twitter has been deleted and my old email address (sunshinegirl) will be too. Hurrah for deleting social media accounts!

Dear Bella Vita,
    Some major changes are coming to you in a few weeks + a giveaway. What are the changes, you ask? Can't tell! They are a surprise.

Dear Readers,
  Do you have any thoughts or miscellaneous ramblings?


  1. I know, right? I was just thinking that today, about North Carolina being bipolar. I live in NC too and yesterday is was 65 degrees, and today it snowed!

    That last photo is beautiful.

  2. This is cute, Anna. :)
    We have been having some odd weather as well! One day it's 50's, two days later it's 80, and then now it's back to 50's again. :( I miss 80's now.


  3. ack, the weather is nuts here...the other day we had 70 degree weather, now there's snow everywhere. later on this week it's supposed to get up to 60...extremely strange. but awesome.

    I understand about deleting social media. I just can't keep up with everything anymore. And to be honest, I haven't been reading blogs much, but I try to leave a comment here and there. Like this one. ;)

  4. I like this post. The photos are gorgeous!
    I can't wait until Spring comes to WI!
    I like your header, too.

    Found your blog through your comment on Pastor's Girl's Ponderings.


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