being fancy.

Friday, I went to my first prom. Either I was crazy or finally becoming an extrovert. Or both. But let's just go with being an extrovert. The theme was Old Hollywood, so it was completed with fancy-shmancy hair, an airbrushing (like Photoshop! Only in real life), a gallon of perfume and, of course, photos.

Even though our little group of 7 only stayed for about 2 out of the 5 hours we could have stayed (let's just say, there were 23 people total...and the 7 of us were literally the only ones dancing. Cue cricket chirp), it was still uber fun with our group -- snapchatting, snatching up disposable cameras (Emily Grace *cough cough* Kiley *cough cough*) and ending the night causing trouble rummaging around Wal-Mart. It was a good night.

For now, enjoy photos (I know, I know...you all are probably thinking "FINALLY a light-hearted, typical teenage girl post.";)).

(all photo credit of yours truly goes to emily grace)

Before we met up with everyone else, Emily Grace and I got all fancied up. It felt like she was a bride getting ready for her big day. Good excuse to practice my 2nd shooting skills, right?

Geesh, she looks so pretty and calm and cool getting all dolled up.

Oh yeah, and then there's awkward me. I should remind myself next time that the mascara wand actually won't attack me.

^Narcissistic selfie.

^Someone had a little too much fun with my camera. ;)

And, of course, pre-prom portraits (alliteration at it's finest, folks).

Can we pause for a moment so I can brag? Yes? No? Maybe? Okay, fact: My dress was actually from the 1950s. And I got it for $50 on Etsy. Um, score? I think yes. Moving on.

At dinner: "Oh! Where are you ladies going?"
"Where do you go to school?"
"......We're home-schooled....."
(awkward pause)
(cricket chirp)
(next 4 photos||credit to Kiley)

And then, because Kiley is all cool, she lugged out her tripod & camera gear so that we could take some selfies. And that we did. In a vacant parking lot. With creepers wandering around. It. Was. Great.


Before you get any ideas, there was a lot of wind, people.

 (photo cred: trent)
And after 2 hours of promy-ness, we booked it to Wal-Mart. Oh the adventures one can have in such a scary little place.


But, my dear friends, prom is not all. After 6+ hours of wearing 4 1/2 inch heels on Friday night, Saturday they were worn for another 7+ hours.

And of course, my feet didn't swell up-or hurt-or-possibly have a pinched nerve. My feet? Hurt? Pssssht. Never.

Saturday evening, I attended Spring Formal. It was lovely and exciting and rather adventurous and I may or may not have found an alley that seemed like Paris.

(photo cred: beth&breanna's momma)
The chick in the red dress above? Breanna, she has some mad hair skills. She not only did my hair (and guys, it was a wedding hairstyle), but she did her own. And flawlessly. Beth and Breanna: You both are my favorites (and not just because of your makeup/nail/hair skills. You two are just awesome in general).
We spent the evening having Japanese for dinner and watching My Fair Lady afterwards. Can I just say -- swoon. My Fair Lady was absolutely adorable and and the acting was incredible. Half of the Spring Formal attendees were complaining about how long it was....us theatre ladies? We enjoyed every second of it.

(photo cred:breanna)
Now? It's just back to regular life. No dressing up, no unhealthy amounts of hairspray, no false lashes, no heels, no feeling like Audrey Hepburn in Funnyface in a Paris-like alley, no painted nails. Just normal life.


  1. Goodness me, that looks like SO. MUCH. FUN. You're all so lovely and you really did look like you were from the 40's-50's.

    I especially love the photos by the car. Super cool. :)

  2. You are uber gorgeous.. what are you talking about!? xo

  3. ahhhhhh! Your dress! It's just so completely gorgeous. I'm in love.

  4. Aw look at us having so much fun!! And my besties are just SO beautiful :) No matter what anybody else says!!


  5. Can I just say that you're gorgeous? ok. there. I said it. You're GORGEOUS.

  6. you guys are way too cute! and love your dress.


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