I Packed My Things And Ran

   Gripping my arms tightly, they pulled me back. "You stupid girl." My feet barely felt escape. I thought I was strong enough, but I wasn't. The neatly packed bags slipped from my grasp and tumbled onto the cold floor. I was too weak, too vulnerable, too innocent to retreat. There they go. All of my dreams, hopes, wishes - gone. Perhaps I should have gone without a word; kept to myself. Perhaps it should have been a secret I only shared with myself. I should have spoken silence. I couldn't break their painful grip. Please, let me go. Let me experience freedom. Let me run away. My body was scarred and weary. My feet gave way, my bones ached a terrible ache, and their words poisoned my veins. I hid. I found an empty room. I thought that hiding and wallowing in silence would wash away the pain. A film of loneliness settled in. Dusk transitioned into nightfall, and I saw the bite of bitter come my way. Just run. Go. Finding my balance, I gathered the spilt belongings. There they were - every dream, every hope, every wish. I carefully placed them in my bags. I searched around. Not a soul was in sight in that cold, empty room. My heart beat faster, breath deeper, determination stronger, and I picked up those bags.
There it was. The door. The opening. The exit for my escape, and the entrance to new beginnings. I was hesitant. Step by step, I got closer and closer. You're almost there. Keep going. I believe in you. As my hand turned the knob, I took one last glance behind. A shadow slowly emerged; another daunting voice threatened. I stiffened, and another bag landed on that cold, hard floor. The footsteps came closer. Was I to hide? No, no, no. I couldn't. I had no choice. I had feet to carry me and a soul that stayed restless, so I had to go on. The street lights would be my guide, the pouring rain would be company, and the wind would carry me. The blood would dry, and the scars would heal. I have to go. I took a deep breath. I could almost taste the fresh air. I could almost feel the warmth on my skin.  There was no turning back.
So, I packed my things and ran.

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  1. I don't think I've ever commented here, but I hope you're all right. The writing in this was hauntingly beautiful. Hugs to you.


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