American Idol

Well for once AGAIN Adam Lambert from 'American Idol' did a fantastic job singing 'Born to Be Wild' Tuesday night. Last night the bottom three were Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai, and Matt Giraud. None of them are really 'great' like Adam, Danny, and Allison are, but apparently Matt was good enough for the judges last night! They used their 'save' for him which kind of disappointed me because he's kind of boring. But, oh well. So there is still a top 7 and next week two contestants will be voted off. The season of Idol has just gone so fast! In a few weeks it will be time for the finale (and I'm hoping you know who will win) ;0 :) ;D. This past week the idols got to see the premiere of the movie starring Zac Efron '17 Again.' It looks like a pretty funny and interesting movie, so hopefully I will be able to see it. The contestants actually got to meet him and some of the other cast too!!!! That is so awesome! Guess what else? On the TV guide yesterday evening, I saw former contestant Megan Joy being interviewed by Kimberly & Justin. They of course talked to her about her 'cawing' when she was eliminated, but they also asked her what her favorite comfort food was and it's mashed potatoes and gravy of any kind. That's kind of strange but who doesn't like them? Adam's favorite comfort food is ice cream (he says that he can eat a pint or a half gallon), Allison's favorite comfort food is chocolate (One of my favorites too), Danny's is Mexican or Puerto Rican. Lil Round's is chocolate-chip cookies with pecans in them, Anoop's is barbecue, Kris Allen's is 'Cornbread,' and I don't remember what Matt's favorite comfort food is. I would probably have to go with Allison for favorite comfort food. Chocolate makes pretty much anything and everything better doesn't it? That's just my opinion though. Chou and happy blogging!


  1. Hey Anna Gray! Im so with you girl! Adam is always on top! Born to be wild was probably my favorite performance of his!Keep on blogging!
    love ya,

  2. I know Adam is SO awesome!! I want to see 17 Again too!!
    Emily Grace

  3. Yayz 4 Adam (your future American Idol). He is the best!!! 17 Again looks soooooo funny and interesting!! I am going to see it.....eventually... YAY!!


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