Post Specifically for Kiley

So Kiley, I thought I would do a post specifically for you. Here we go....So Esco, how was your day? Are ya feelin' good about everything in your life? Tell Pawpaw and Nay Nay I said hi. I can't wait to see them. If you're already laughing, laugh even harder. Everyone else reading this is probably thinking I'm a psycho path, but that's ok because ya know why? Because you know exactly what I'm talking about. Hee hee. Has your church done anymore Kyres? Did you fall asleep when the guest pastor prayed like you did when I came? You definitley are one of a kind....in a good way though. This post honestly doesn't make much sense, but seriously, I don't care because this post is between you and me. For once again you know what I'm talking about Ms. Esco, or should I say 'Lady Kiley.' How are you feeling about this post girlfriend? Good, bad, weirded out, confused? I wonder how everybody else feels about it. I guess I'll see ya when I see ya. Bye bye 'Nay Nay.' Remember everyone reading this, you aren't supposed to know what I'm talking about because this is a post specifically for my best friend Kiley. woot woot. Have a good night everyone. Sweet Dreams. Sleep peacfully. Remember this post. This is very random. Chou. ;)

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