Yay for Kiley!!!

LOLZ! Today as usual I was talking on the phone to Kiley and I told her that I posted to her on my blog. I practically was begging her to read my post while we were on the phone so that I could hear her reaction. She laughed her head off reading the post because she knew everything I was talking about! You all probably were utterly confused, but hey, you don't know what we talk about for 40 minutes each day. We do odd and random things when we see each other. Let's see...we've drunk water out of bowls, played 'Detective' as we took turns wearing a pair of her shorts on our heads, done webkinz weddings, webkinz church services (with the one and only 'kyre' added in), and last but not least, we played a prank phone call on her grandmother who lives up in Watertown Wisconsin. Kiley pretended to be a 'pizza' delivery girl. We do pretty much anything you "Wouldn't" think of doing when we get together. I guess that's one reason why we're best friends is because we are SO MUCH alike and enjoy doing random things. Happy blogging!!!

-A.G. :D :O :)


  1. :D
    You are too funny.
    My twin girls were actually born in Hollywood. We live pretty close to LA.

    Can't say that i KNOW Adam Lambert, but i certainly like him on American Idol.

    California is a great place to live, but if your family is all in North Carolina, you might be lonely out here all by yourself.
    Plus our state is having a budget crisis right now...

    LOVE the "force be with you" at the end of your comments. Please keep that up. It puts a smile on my face and makes me chuckle!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your blog Anna! It is so cute, and I love all the cool backrounds that you put up behind everything! It's too bad my Mom thinks that blogs are a waste of time, and won't let me have one, because they sure look like a lot of fun!!!!

    Your BFFFL,


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