Cross your Fingers!!!

Ok everyone, be crossing your fingers for Adam tonight! Tonight is the top four, and I really hope that Adam is safe and can continue on in the competition! I am so nervous for tomorrow night; whether Adam does great or does a crappo job (I think that's impossible though). I hope that Kris Allen and Danny Gokey get eliminated tomorrow. Yes, I KNOW that Danny has a good story behind and that he's a christian and everything and I even like him for that; but we have to think reality, and thinking in reality means that we have to think 'singing wise.' Adam and Allison are BY FAR the best singing wise, Danny comes third, and Kris comes fourth. Danny will most likely be in the top three though and Kris will most likely be eliminated tomorrow. Don't get me wrong here, Danny and Kris are really talented and I like them a lot as a person; but I just can't see either one of them as our next 'American Idol.' Cross your fingers for Adam!!!!!!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)

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  1. I watched American Idol last night and I wasn't impressed with Adam and Allie's voices at all! But i can't beleive that Simon was so nice last night. Unbeleivable!!


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