Pics of Benji

I hope you guys enjoyed these pics! Benji is a very lovable hamster and we are all enjoying him very much. He is not a rat by the way. I just want to clarify that so that you all want be like "Oh ew! A rat! How ugly!" I know how most people freak at the sight of rodents, but we however DON'T. :) Hopefully either Saturday or Sunday I will have a video of him with me (I will be in it mainly for you Mrs. Hudler and for you Beth):) Happy Blogging!!!

~A.G.~ :D :O: )


  1. Aww..
    How cute!!
    Emily Grace

  2. OMG! Benji is SOOOO cUtE! Benji looks like a very luvable pet. I say luv not love. He is sooo tiny! He has such big eyes!! He is sooo cute! I have always wanted a pet. Those are really good pictures! I can't wait to see 'Benji: Hamster by day, Hero at Night'!! :D

  3. Wow Anna, Benji is the cutest hamster in the world! I just want to squeeze him, (but don't worry, when I come to your house, I promise I won't squeeze him, LOL). I wish I had a little miracle like Benji! Hope to see you soon!

    Your BFFFL,

  4. Aw! How cute he is! Benji is an adorable name for him. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

  5. Thanks for commenting!! I am SO glad that you love Fred!!!!!!!!!! Muhahahahaha LOL! Have fun blog, blog, blogging!

    Emily who LOVES fred!!

  6. I used to have some pet mice...and i actually had a pet rat before, too!
    I think they make cute pets.
    I had a really cool cage with all kinds of crawling spaces and stuff!

    I see that the red dot on your visitor map all the way on the west coast (AKA California) is me checking out your blog....

    I like the background you put up... :D


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