Yay for Allison and Adam!!!!

Yes! Adam and Allison were GREAT last night! It's a good thing that they both like rock because I highly doubt either one of them will go home tonight!!! My best friend Kiley bet me five cents that Adam will be in the bottom three tonight, and I bet her five cents that he would be safe. I am 99% sure that he won't be eliminated. Danny and Kris however have a strong possibility of going home.

Danny practically screamed the ending of the song he sang last night...if you ask me he sounded like a parrot. He was so bad at the ending that both Mom and I covered our ears and laughed. I was pretty embarrassed for poor Danny.

I was even a bit embarrassed for Kris because when it showed the video of him with Slash, he said that when he saw Slash playing his guitar he wanted to 'pee in his pants.' That was hilarious though.

I got a comment from an Anonymous person saying that she or he didn't think that Adam or Allison sounded great last night. So whoever you are anonymous, no offense but your completely wrong! Adam and Allison totally creamed the others last night!!! Their duet together was great too. So who do you think will go home tonight? Comment and tell me! Oh by the way, here's a video of Danny's horrifying screech at the end of his performance last night....and this..is extended screech version. You'll be lucky if you can survive hearing the first five seconds of it...if that much!

Be honest (if you just watched this), do you really think his performance was great last night? Yea, I didn't think so either. Happy Blogging and keep voting for Adam!

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. Okay,
    I usally like Danny but, Oh my gosh!!! That was SO disturbing!! It was creepy! When I heard it my mouth dropped open!!I wonder if he can still talk after all that screaming! LOL

  2. Well, I think Kris is going home. I personally think Danny was trying to be Adam!


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