10 Things about Me...

Hi everyone! I decided to do a '10 things about me' post that Lynnette is wanting people to do. Feel free to do one too! These kinds of surveys are made to be passed on. So, read on, and enjoy!

1) I am obsessed with the state California. That's a fact about me. It's my favorite state EVER. You may wonder why I love the state, what made, and how the heck is California your favorite state above all the others??? Well, here it is in super short version. It became my favorite state when my mom's BFF, Jenny (one of my role models), got onto the show Biggest Loser a few years ago. Sadly, she didn't make it past the interview there, but she did make it out to Cali. So that's how it became my favorite state.

2) Adam Lambert rocks! Not only is he one of the hottest creatures best looking, awesome, cool, unique, weird, and most handsome yet odd man in the world, but he sings SO GOOD. A ton of people are all like, "Yuck, I don't like him because he 'screams' every song." Yes, yes he does scream every song; but he screams ON KEY! So, Adam Lambert is my favorite singer.

3) I have a habit of biting my fingernails. Weird fact about me, huh? LOL. I have been biting them since..well....since I had nails and had teeth! I stop at times, but then the habit just starts ALL OVER AGAIN. I really do try to stop, but it is so incredibly hard. Any suggestions on how to stop (besides just making yourself)?

4) I wear dresses all the time. No, I am not Amish, Pentecostal, or Jehovah's witness; it's just that it is so hard to find things that fit me in the waist and that are comfortable. I am probably the world's most picky girl when it comes to clothing. So if you see me in a dress in pics (which you probably have many times, friends) just know I am BAPTIST.

5) Water anyone? Water is my favorite drink. I used to HATE drinking it. I found it pretty bland, disgusting, and tasteless. BUT, it became my BFF last year when I was in dance class and I got dehydrated in a stuffy room and forgot to pack a water bottle. My mouth went dry, my face went pale, I felt sick on my stomach, and I was extremely thirsty. From then on, I have LOVED water.

6) I am home-schooled and love it! My mom started home-schooling my brother and me when I was in second grade, and when he was in fourth grade. The first two years it was awful. I wanted to go back to public school SO BADLY! That's when I was younger and didn't know the real world though. Now, I would probably scream if I had to go back to a public school. Home-schooling rocks.

7) I was named after my uncle and my great grandmother. My great grandmother's name was Anna (she died about10 or 11 years ago); so that's how I got my first name. Then my uncle's name is Grayson; so Mom took Gray from that, and used it as my middle name. A few years ago though, we found out that my great, great, great grandmother's name was Anna Gray! What a coincidence! We NEVER knew that my great, great, great grandmother's name was Anna Gray. Very strange, yet cool, I know!

8) We have 7 pets. 5 outdoor pets, and two indoor pets. Let's start with the eldest of the animals. First came our 'faithful ole dog' Hannah. My dad found her 5 years ago when she was a puppy, running around the parking lot at a YMCA. Next came a few other pets that died, and then came Rufus, my brother's hamster. Rufus is now 2 years old. After Rufus and a few other hamsters that died came along my little baby, Benjamin (nickname: Benji). I got Benji back in May when he was a baby. He is probably the BIGGEST baby hamster I have EVER seen. If you have or haven't seen this post, then you can see what he looks like and how precious he is! The last of the pets, are the 4 baby chicks we bought yesterday! We bought some Rhode Island Reds; and they are SO CUTE! Their names are Marley, Lily, Gi Gi, and Sally. The 4 we bought two days ago, are now dung from our dog Hannah, who ate them.

9) I hate Lima beans. They're totally gross.

10) I am wanting to act, and model. I have done many dramas and I have been in the play, "The Wizard of Oz". One day I heard something announced on the radio for acting, modeling, singing, and dancing. I was pretty interested, so I emailed the radio station, they gave me the name of the website so I could check it out, and I registered. That's how I discovered AMTC. AMTC is not an agency, it is a program that you go through in Florida. What you do (if you're accepted), is you go to Florida for a week, trainers train you, and at the end of the week, you perform in front of many different agencies, and that's how you can get jobs. That's the short version of it though. Anyway, I tried out for it, got accepted, they said I should also do commercial modeling, and guess what? I couldn't go this year. I couldn't do it because it would be WAY TOO MUCH money. So now, I am just wanting to get local jobs, build up my resume, save up the money for AMTC myself, and do AMTC.

~A.G.~ :D :O :)


  1. I hate lima beans too. Kelly Clarkston is a screamer too...but I like her voice. She totally screams on key.

  2. Hi Anna...I totally needed a reason to smile right now and then I read your fun little list. :) So cool that you decided to join in on the fun for the Porch Party.

    You had me LOL bigtime when you mentioned all of the religions that you're not. Too funny.

    I hope that one day you'll be able to make it out to CA to see it all for yourself. I really love living here.

    Well, hope you have a good weekend and you can count me in on the I hate lima beans club!

  3. I live in So Cal. But not in the city, anymore. I lived there for a long time. But before i moved to CA i never even wanted to visit. I had the idea that it is all plastic & fake. Well, parts are, but people here are about like people anywhere. I love living in a mountain community, but i am totally spoilt by So Cal weather!

    I think it is funny to hear folks from back East call it "Cali." I first heard that from a roommate from Connecticut.

    My youngest niece's name is Anna, & her mama home schools her.

    It took me a while to get used to water, but now it is what i crave most often.

    Thank you so much for sharing! :) I hope you get to visit CA before long.

  4. Hey Anna!

    Wow, it must have taken you a long time to write all that stuff down! It totally paid off though, because it was a lot of fun to read. Anyway, I hope the photo shoot at the Mall goes well! :)

    Your BFF,

  5. I loved getting to know you! I am so proud of you for going after your dreams....I just know that the Lord has big plans for you! That's so neat about your name too and finding out about your great, great, great grandmother having that name.


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