Silly Avatar! Saturday...

Hello everyone and happy Saturday! Sorry I am so late posting this, but we have been busy all day. First, we went to Dillard's so I could do a modeling contest (that was really crappy) not as great as we expected...the lady who took my picture wasn't even a photographer. Anyway...after that we all went to Office Depot to look for a computer. Unfortunately, the computer we wanted had already been sold; so we drove over to an Office Depot in Winston-Salem and found the exact one we had been wanting (yay!). After that, we went to the bank and came home.

Well, let's get back to Silly Avatar! Saturday.

Today's Silly Avatar! Saturday is (drum roll please)................... ALLISON IRAHETA!!!!


  1. sorry the modeling thing was not what you had hoped for. Yay for the computer. Cute Avatar.

  2. Ha! That's awesome! I love the hair! xD

  3. I bet you were really tired, and the avatar was really funny.


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