I'm Back! & Merry Christmas (late)!

First off, merry Christmas 4 days late! I would have posted sooner, except for I was in Greenwood, SC from Christmas Eve until Sunday. But anyway, I hope you all had a good, fun, and safe Christmas!!!

Here's how my week went:

On the 23rd, my dad's mom came over to celebrate Christmas early with us. I got a makeup bag, a TON of Bath & Body Works lotions, hand sanitizers, and body wash, toe socks and fuzzy socks. Then my brother and I opened up the present to our family, and to our surprise, it was a Wii! We were so exited when we opened it up! (Beware, I dominate in tennis and baseball). :0D

On Christmas Eve, we traveled to SC. We went to my grandparents' church for a Christmas Eve service which was nicely done, and the man beside me horked up some surprises throughout the service. Lastly, we ended Christmas Eve by watching The Nativity Story (a VERY good movie by the way).

On Christmas morning we intended on waking up at 7:00 to go downstairs and open up our gifts...but we ended up waking up around 8:00 instead. LOL! Here's all what I got:

(what my parents got me)

1) An itunes gift card for $10

2) A foot spa/manicure thing-ma-jig

3) Blush, eyeliner, an Avon gift card, chocolate truffle hand lotion, and another lotion that didn't have a scent name

4) Venus razors :0D

5) 5 different pairs of super cute shorty socks!

6) A pink hair dryer, pink mirror, and a pink curling brush

7) Chocolate candy :0D

(what the rest of the family got me)

1) Confessions of a Shopaholic/a small mirror and bath & body works lotions

2) a HUGE pocket book/two fashion scarves/bath & body works hand sanitizers

3) money

So that's what I got for Christmas. I really have been enjoying all of my stuff too!


Today my BFF and I went shopping and had the best time! My toes are killing me because of the green wedge heels I have been wearing ALL DAY. Weeeeeell...hope you all have had a great week and I'll type to ya later!

~Anna Gray~


  1. Hey! I love....LOVE ur blog! I'm following! BTW, its really cute!

  2. LOL thanks! That thing is pretty funny. Had me roaring last Christmas when I read it for the first time. I think you can google "Calvin's snowmen" there are a bunch more I just picked a few...Thanks again...for following too!
    LOL we're both homeschooled!

  3. OMG...I got so scared!! I thought you deleted your blog when I went to Californiaforlife.blogspot.com...LOL.

    Hope you had a merry Christmas and happy new year. :)

  4. Hola!
    I Luv ur blog Anna! I got scared too, when I saw that it didn't work to go to California for Life! Happy 2010!

    Your BFF :)


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