It's Already 2010?

Ok, is it just me or does it seem like yesterday that the ball dropped in New York Time Square, and it was 2009? OMGOSH... time FLIES by! I can't wait for the things that will be happening this year though. Those are things such as: American Idol coming on in a couple of weeks (YAY!!!), my 14th birthday, hopefully going to the beach again, and so much more! We celebrated New Year's Eve by going to our friends' house. We had a ton of fun too. It was the family who invited us over (the mom, dad, and their two girls), our family (except for Seung Gi, he spent the holidays in Korea), and then one more family (the mom, dad, and their two girls). Our intention was to leave around 9:30 that night because we would be going to my aunt and uncle's house for New Year's Day, AND because Mom said that Drake (my brother) wouldn't want to stay at our friends' house with a bunch of girls and then the grown ups. Luckily though, everyone except for the parents' girls and me played Taboo. When the ball dropped in NY Time Square, we topped off the night by having a drink or two and then dancing wildly to music two cups of sparkling grape juice and dancing to music.

For New Years Day, we went to my aunt & uncle's house. They have two kids named Rachael (7 yrs.) and Seth (5 yrs.). When Seth and I were playing bowling on their Wii upstairs, once or twice as he was about to toss the ball I would hear him murmur under his breath, "Please God, please, God." He definitely wanted to get strikes. When he would get strikes he would say, "Dank you God!" It was so funny.

Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve/New Year's Day!!!

~Anna Gray~


  1. Hey Anna! Sounds like you had a good Christmas! I'm looking forward to American Idol again too. Thanks for the new blog link! I just read blogs off my sidebar, so if it doesn't update there, I usually miss it!

  2. Hope you had a great New Year! I can't wait for AI either.

  3. I know! Time goes by sooo fast! And I'm going to the beach for my birthday this year too! Wow, great minds must think alike, haha!


  4. Hey, my name is Abby, I just found your blog, and I think it's cool.
    Yeah, this year has already gone by really fast.
    I know it's a little late, but...

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