Last post for a week

Hi friends! This is the last time I will be posting for a week. Why? Because today we're.......GOING TO THE BEACH!!! Yep, that's right, the day has finally come for us to go to Folly Beach which is connected to Charleston. We will be staying until next Saturday.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and  have been getting ready since about 6:50. Everyone else isn't ready yet, but they should be in a few minutes. It takes us about 4 to 4 1/2 hours to get to Folly Beach from here (Thomasville, NC). We plan to stop by Bojangles for breakfast, Fazoli's for lunch (can't you just tell how healthy we are when we travel..LOL!), and then from Fazoli's, Folly Beach is about 20 or 30 minutes away.

We are SO EXCITED about going this year with our whole family. My aunt, uncle, their two kid (Rachael:8 Seth:6), my grandparents, and then my mom, dad, my brother, and me. Even though the ocean front condo we stay in is small with the WHOLE family, we still thoroughly enjoy each other's company and being around each other.

My grandparents were even nice enough to pay for EVERYONE to go! They have treated us to go to the beach since I was 7. Pretty generous, huh?

Well, when I come back, I will have LOTS, I repeat, LOTS of pictures to share on here! Maybe even a vid....maybe...if.....Mom's camera doesn't act up.

Blog to ya later! ♥


  1. Anna....
    It's been awhile since i've checked in on your blog.
    I'm jealous you are going to the beach....always such fun times.

    It IS indeed super generous of your granparents to pay for it. What a blessing.

    You enjoy your time there. Don't get burned; remember to wear your sunblock ;0)

    Looking forward to the pics when you get back.

    (oh...and i put my blog on private, so if you want to continue reading it, email me your blogger email address so i can add you as a reader:
    ccluv at verizon dot net)

  2. I tagged you over at my blog!

  3. have a wonderful time at the beach! i wish i could go:)


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