ABC's of Thanks

I am linking up with Rachel @ Finding Joy's ABC's of Thanks! Finding Joy </P>
<P>The ABC's of Thanks
A - Acting...my favorite hobby, of course!
B - (The) Bible and Benji (my hamster) and blogging
C - Creating things
D - Dance
E - Emailing
F - Family & friends
G - Girly things
H - Hannah (our dog)
I - Ice (what else would keep our drinks cold?!)
J - Jesus
K - Knowledge
L - Lady Gaga (Great music! Er.....most of the time)
M - Movies/music
N - North Carolina
O - (The) ocean
P - Purses
Q - Quirky ideas
R - Rest
S - Shoes/shopping/swimming pools
T - T-Shirts (so comfy)
U - (The) Universe
V - Velveeta cheese
W - Water parks
X - X'tra chocolatey hot chocolate
Y - Yearly holidays
Z - (The) Zoo
There ya go! Hop over to Rachel's blog to link up and join the fun! Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. =)


  1. These are great. I love your X. Hot chocolate. yummy!

  2. Love your list. How could I forget blogging, or emailing, or Velveeta Cheese! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Love your list, Anna. Thank you for taking time to write out your thankful items. I was blessed reading it!

    Have a wonderful THANKSGIVING.

    And thank you for linking up.


  4. Hey Anna! :)
    I just found your blog through Rachel's and looking at the list of linker uppers. :) I thought yours looked interesting. :)

    I love your blog (and your design..:D)! What a clever name. :) Who designed it?? :)

    Well, I'm now a follower and definitely will be back. :)


  5. Love these kind of lists! I did one on my blog too since I did it last year. I love the velveeta cheese... :)


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