Anna Gray on Polyvore? Really? No...


I can't believe it, I actually broke down and created an account on Polyvore. I have seen so many other bloggers who use it and thought, "That looks like so much fun!"

Therefore I present to you, my lovely readers, Anna Gray's Very First Polyvore Set...
Rain & Sun
I actually wore something very similar to that today. My sundress looks almost exactly like that one too! I really should have taken a picture. Oh well...
I have decided though, not to go on Polyvore too often, because it will make me crave unneeded clothing and I'm afraid I would start feeling ungrateful for what I do have.

My wonderful friend, Beth, made some delicious cupcakes today since it was the last day of Classical Conversations (the home-school group we go to). Talk about pretty + yummy!

Speaking of it being the last day of Classical, I have no more school work except for Math. Eeep! There are 123 Math lessons, and I am currently on 101. If I do a lesson for five days each week, I should be done by the very end of May (if not sooner). In comparison to what I did have as school work (Logic, Latin, Chemistry, Defeating Darwinism,  Literature, writing a short story) Math seems like a wimpy amount of school work!


If you guys wouldn't mind, my friends and I have to do a mock trial this coming Monday (April 25th) so if you guys could pray for us, that would be lovely. We (unfortunately) have to do it in an actual courtroom, in front of a jury panel and in front of a judge (no pressure, right?).


  1. I agree...the prayers are needed!!! Haha...I am sure that we will do fine! Love ya girl- Bailey

  2. Well, I know you were just adorable in that dress! And, good luck on Friday. I'm sure you will do just fine! Happy Easter!

  3. GASP!! CUPCAKES! OHMYGOSH THOSE LOOK SO GOOD!! Okay, enough with Caps lock. Ooh, you have a Polyvore?! I do too! I've been meaning to make a set with that dress, but it's so hard to find exactly what you want, you know? It's cool, though :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. Cute outfit! I love the color of the dress!

    Yay for being almost done with school work! That always felt so good to me too!

    What is the mock trial for? That sounds interesting!

  5. Will be praying, dear friend! and cute dress by the way! :)

    Blessings and love,


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