A Bit of This and That...

Well would you look at that  - the rapture was supposedly supposed to come at 6:00 this lovely evening and look...it is now 7:00 (exactly one hour later) and us earthlings still remain on planet Earth. Congratulations Harold Camper...you just made a complete fool out of yourself.

If you haven't read this post (about my *surprise*) then I would suggest reading it. Why? Well, first of all because it is extremely short and if you blog, tweet, or facebook (or all of them!) about helping me reach 100 followers...I will reveal to you lovely readers some pretty cool prizes. Only five more followers to go!

Dove chocolates are *amazingly delicious*...

And this little guy actually sat still for me to take his picture...what a good little model...

See the cat right here?  I am babysitting him for two weeks (giving him food and water) while my friends are out of town...

I am also babysitting these little guys. Meet Koda (the one standing in his food) and Tux (licking the house...or whatever he's doing).

I made pizza pockets for my very first time tonight. I was praying that they wouldn't explode...and they didn't...but cheese and pizza sauce got...well...everywhere *cough*

What are you doing this lovely Saturday evening?

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  1. i love your pictures... very cute. and i'm still here too, with the rest of the world. :)


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