Smitten With Summer

I don't know about you, but I am itching for Summer to come. Every year I try to pysch myself into thinking that Spring is my favorite season, but no...my favorite season is definitely Summer.

 I love the mornings when I wake up and feel the crisp, cool breeze creeping through our open windows. I love gazing at the luscious green grass and hearing the sound of lawn mowers. I love the scent of honey suckles and vibrant flowers. I love watching sweet little birds splashing around in the bird bath. I love Summer.

I am fully prepared for Summer too. I have already purchased a {super cute} swimsuit from Lime Ricki Swimwear. If you need a swimsuit, I highly suggest checking out Lime Ricki. They have the most comfortable swimwear. Ever.

^Yep - that is my swimsuit! I actually have to thank the lovely Emily for suggesting Lime Rick to me!

I got a pair of sunglasses on sale for $4 at Cato. Now that's what I'm talkin' about baby! I *really* hope that these don't break like the past three pair I have had.

And what would Summer be like without a new pair of Rainbow flip-flops? These are by far the most comfortable sandals I have EVER worn.

And lookey-lookey, my dad's square foot garden has produced some lovely little onions! If you ever have any questions about organic square foot gardening, he's the person to ask!

And last but not least...

I am sooooo ready for June 3rd. Why? Because it is the last day of school for me! Whoo hoo!

What are you looking forward to about Summer?

P.S. A friendly reminder - don't forget to check out this {super short} post! Bella Vita is at 96 followers, only four  one more to go! Whoo hoo! Thank you to the people who have helped advertize, and to the new followers!


  1. love love love Lime Ricki!! Best swimsuits ever! :) I can't wait for summer either!!

  2. What swimsuit did you get??? I don't see it on the website! It's SO cute though! And guess what... I found the bottoms that I bought last year on sale for $12.00! I paid $30 :P Haha!

    And I would totally follow you, but I already do! Ha!


  3. that bathing suit is absolutely precious!!! love it to pieces! and i have rainbows too... i live in them. : ) happy almost summer!

  4. What a sweet bathing suit! I really need a new one this year. :)

    My favorite part about summer is swimming in the pool. Yup, I'm a water girl.



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