Prayer Chain for Emily

I would like for you to meet sixteen year old, Emily...

Emily is battling leukemia...

Emily needs your support...

Emily needs your prayers...

Emily needs a miracle...

Emily needs your love...

If you would, please take just a minute and stop by her blog and leave her an encouraging comment.

Also, if you would want to post a prayer for Emily on your blog, I have it below to where you can link up. I thought it would be a blessing to Emily to have a prayer chain and have people praying for her.


  1. I just so happened to put up a post today about Emily and her fight! I didn't post a prayer per se, but I've linked up anyways. So thankful others are getting the word out about Emily.

  2. Hi Anna,
    OMG I had no idea you had a prayer chain started for her too! That is so great and funny at the same time! Great minds think alike and so do great friends :) I love how we are all coming together to support Emily and get the prayers a going!!

    I linked up sweet girl

  3. Hi Anna,
    Thank you for linking up and showing your sweet support for Emily I know it will mean the world to her!!

    Summer :)

  4. Hi Anna,
    What a great idea. I will link up as well.



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