{Very First} Outfit Post

Anna Gray? Doing a fashion post? Like, actually posting her outfit? And not wearing jeans and a hoodie? No, surely not...


I must say, Olivia, Carlotta and Abigail have all been wonderful inspirations to me and are pretty much the reason I have tried something new with my wardrobe. Therefore, I present to you lovely friends, moi outfit!

cami: belk//shirt: old navy//skirt: wal mart//shoes: shoe department//earrings: claire's

I wore that to do end  of year testing with our home-school group this morning. I knew that when I showed my mom the outfit she would either love it, hate it, or think that it was weird. Her first words? "Oh my..." but then she warmed up to it and said that she liked it. Score!

And - yes. I am officially addicted in love with Polyvore

Feminine Farmgirl

Feminine Farmgirl by Anna Gray Smith

^Just look at those super cute boots. Eeeek!

Think of fashion like baking. In nearly every recipe, the basic staples of eggs, flour, butter, and sugar are combined together to form a basic dough. Then comes the additional flavoring – maybe a little vanilla, some chocolate, or fruit. -Carlotta

Do you have any tips, ideas, or loves when it comes to fashion? Do tell!



  1. Girl, you are KA-YOOT!! I adore the shoes and the hair clip. Great outfit :))
    -Jocee <3
    P.S. I love the hair :)

  2. Hello! Due to the fact that blogger hates me, I have moved my blog to wordpress. Just thought you should know since you follow my blog! Didn't want to think I stop posted and left the blogger world! So come follow me over there if you wish!


    -Marissa from outside the lines


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