Anti-Homosexuality: Part 2

Before I go any further than these few little sentences, I just want to say that I am prepared to lose followers through this post. I am ok with that though. If I lose followers, then I lose them. If I gain followers, then I gain them. If my follower box is the same as it is now, then it is the same as it is now.

Months ago, I expressed my opinions on homo-sexuality and how I am 100% against it. You can read that post by clicking here. I was actually surprised at the feedback I got too. Some commenters were agreeing with me, and many others were not. I was ok with people saying I was prejudiced and wrong. I was ok with it.

And now - I have decided to respond to those who disagree with me. I have put in boldface what the anonymous people commented and italicized what I have responded.

Anonymous: How can you say this? They're human beings too; it's not their choice, it's how they were born. This post is so narrow-minded in the "wrongness" of homosexuality that it makes me feel terrible that humans could be so prejudiced.

You are prejudiced, and never mind what the Bible says. This is disgusting.

My Reply: Homosexuality is a choice. No one is "born that way." Take a serial killer for example, you could say the exact same thing about them. Say that a serial killer comes into your home and blatantly kills one of your family members. How would that make you feel? You would be highly upset, right? Traumatized, yes. But wait - the serial killer was born that way, so it is totally fine that they just killed a family member, right? Wrong. It is a choice and it goes the same way with homosexuality. And yes - I know using a serial killer is a different case than a homosexual person, but I was using that as an example.

Anonymous: Leviticus says gay sex is wrong, not the thought of loving a member of the same gender. Leviticus also says mixing seeds in fields is wrong, and the Old Testament has basically stated that the rules of Leviticus have been outdated. In the Bible, no one says that God dislikes homosexual thoughts. He only dislikes homosexual sex. Thoughts can't send someone to Hell.

Also you can't CONTROL thinking someone of the same gender is attractive. They're THOUGHTS, something that simply can not be controlled, as much as you try to control them.

My Reply: 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

You were only referring to one Bible verse. Look at what I have boldfaced above. Neither the "sexually immoral" nor "homosexual offenders." Right there God is straight up saying homo-sexuality is wrong. Also, you are using the Bible as an excuse to say homo-sexuality is ok. Mixing seeds and homo-sexuality are two completely different things. Mixing seeds is not living in sin. Homo-sexuality however, is living in sin because of what comes along with it; gay sex, being one of them.

Anonymous: ..Think about it from another religion. And "one nation under god" doesn't imply that it's all about Christians, it could mean a buddhist god. Also, it's called love. Why should you hate something, like homosexuality, when it's all about love? And don't say god is love, because I'm looking at it from another or no religion.

My Reply: Even referring to another religion, it does imply that it is talking about Christian peoples' God. America was found by Christians, and "One Nation under God" is referring to the one true God. It is not saying "One Nation under a God."

Anonymous: First, what is sin? It is the state of separation from God. And sins are the acts that put you into that state. This is a conscious choice, so it is true that thoughts are not sins. It is what you do with them that makes you sin.

If you are at a store, and want a new cd from your favorite artist, but don't have the money, you may have a fleeting thought, 'just take it; no one will know'. The question is, what do you do with that thought? Do you immediately dismiss it? Do you ponder it for a moment, look around to see if someone is watching, search out surveillance cameras? Do you put it in your bag and walk away?

Anything beyond the first response-complete dismissal- is playing with fire. And even if you don't steal, the next time you might be more tempted, and the next, etc. until one day you slip it into your pocket and walk away. It's the same with any temptation, and some people may be tempted to an attraction for someone of their own gender. It's just one of a million temptations, no worse than any of the others, but still, if carried out, leads to total separation from God.

My Reply: Yes, it is true that people can't take control over their thoughts (they can to an extent though). But you, anonymous, are missing my point. I'm not talking about thoughts we have that are bad (doesn't everybody?!) I'm talking about homosexuality and the wrongness of the things people DO when they are homo-sexual. Pondering the thoughts of loving (in the wrong way) your same gender is a bad thought. Thinking of murdering someone is also a bad thought (same concept). If God condemned people to hell for having a bad thought (such as the above and much more) then a whole lot of people would be going to hell. BUT, the Bible does not say that having a bad thought (back to the above) will cause you to lose eternal life.

Those are simply my opinions on homo-sexuality. You may agree or you may disagree. I think though, that we as bloggers (and people!), are always too afraid to express our opinions. Why? Because we are people-pleasers and do not want to lose followers and have people think down on us.

I think that so many of us are caught up in posting photo filled, happy happy lamb grazing in green grass, doughnut with rainbow sprinkles, things that will please people kinds of posts.

If you have an opinion, post it. Let us know about it. Express what you think. Don't hide anymore.

I want to know, what is your opinion on homo-sexuality? If you're feeling brave, leave your actual name and don't hide behind the shell of Anonymous. Tell me what you think.

I'm open.


  1. I agree one hundred percent. The way you worded everything was very encouraging.
    --Love MCat

  2. "Whoever hates his brother is a murderer." 1 John 3:15

    "But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart." Matthew 5:28

    It seems to me, that the Bible makes it clear that even evil thoughts are sins.

  3. I totally agree, Anna. Thank you so, so much for this post. Sometimes it is so frustrating and saddening to see people who call themselves Christians going and saying tha homosexuality is 'ok'. It isn't. It's as bad as murdering, as you said.


  4. Great post! I found your blog through one of Carlotta's posts when I was leaving a comment. I will definitely be reading your blog now.

  5. Thanks for writing this, Anna! I agree with you whole-heartedly and wish more people could read it. I'm with you, its totally disgusting, horrible and an ungodly act. And even Christians today airbrush it all up and excuse it like its not a big deal. It is, and I hope the world some day realizes it. Thanks for standing up and writing your honest opinions.


  6. Hello Anna,

    I came over from Summer's blog to read what you posted about Emily and saw this! First thing, hat's off to you! Way to go, stepping out in truth of Jesus! WOOT!

    I am in total agreement with you here everything you claim lines up with the word of God. I have a friend who is a homosexual and he just doesn't get it. He claims Christianity and says that he is free to do as he pleases. This is a tough one for sure for we love him dearly just hate his sin. Prayer, this is the key to freeing him from this lie.

    Bless you for this awesome post.


  7. Right on Anna. Good on your for having the courage and boldness to talk about it.


  8. Here's my comment:
    Fabulous! I completely agree!!! You basically answered exactly how I would have if asked these questions. Bravo my friend! :)


  9. I really appreciate you having the courage to speak up about what you believe, when other bloggers are posting "donut with rainbow sprinkles" posts. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  10. Your courage to post something this strong about your beliefs is amazing! Not a lot of people can show how they really feel about things for the fact that they are ashamed or coward to say how they really feel!

    I too agree that homo sexuality is wrong! I don't label myself as any religion and I feel a strong belief in man and women not man and man or women and women. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

    I also think it's interesting that these people marked themselves as Anonymous...Why couldn't they post their names?

    Again, I think it's great that you voiced your beliefs and then replied to them in a mature manner...I on the other hand, would of not been so pleasant or mature :)

  11. Amen! Amen! Thank you for being bold and telling everyone this. I agree with you whole-heartedly.

    Love in Christ,


  12. Let you who is blameless throw the first stone.

    Let's worry about ourselves before we try to judge others for their shortcomings. Surely we have issues of our own that keep us just as far away from God.

  13. Anna, this post extremely impressed me! I agree that homosexuality is a sin, and you have placed evidence very clearly and well-stated.

    Galatians 6:1 Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted.

    Not to say that this blog post is directed towards specifically addressing and lovingly correcting the homosexual population, it's not even specifically addressed to that audience, but I believe that this scripture is closer in context to how this blog is voicing a concern. Besides, discussing the subject and giving opinions isn't exactly throwing stones. You can despise anchovies, yet that doesn't mean you want to stone everyone who does like anchovies. You just avoid letting those people order the pizza.

  14. You should judge yourself before you judge others.

    I just talked to someone who told me you were one of the rudest, most hate filled people she had ever encountered. And she didn't even know about this narrow minded, judgmental and hateful post about homosexuality.

    I am sure you will delete this post before you allow it on your blog, but I just wanted to say that you shouldn't go hating on other people so much. You already have a terrible reputation as a blogger, and if you want to be successful with an online blog, professionalism and courtesy will go a long way.

    Oh, and they might help you get into heaven, too.

  15. You people are pathetic.

  16. I'm far more concerned with starving children, deep poverty, and the state of our environment than with what my neighbors choose to do in the privacy of their own home.

    I choose to let God judge the sinners, I'd rather focus my energy on the positive.

  17. Sorry about these awful comments Anna Gray :( I think you are spot on, and even though I don't know you in real life, I can't see how anyone can see you as being 'rude and hate filled'. I am truly sorry.


  18. Hi Anna,

    Don't let the comments from 'anonymous' bother you. When you are doing the right thing in God's eyes, then you know you will be persecuted from the world.

    What you have said on this post is not mean, cruel, unjust or judgmental at all, you have stuck to the truth and you are saying exactly what God's word says.

    We as Christians are called to love people but hate their sin because sin is not of God but Satan. A close friend of my daughters is homosexual and and she has made it very, very clear to him that he is wrong and she detests his lifestyle but at the very same time she has made it very clear that she loves him unconditionally. He is welcomed in our church and he does come but everyone in the church lets him know that his lifestyle is wrong and they do not accept it but they accept him and love him.

    Keep standing up for God and you know you are doing the right thing when the people of the world attack you. Praise God for you are being honoured and suffering in the same manner as Jesus did.


  19. What jokes. You're not open at all. You only tell yourself that to make yourself feel better and more "righteous".

    Although being open might not mean that you have to support them, but it should at least mean that you wouldn't condemn and judge them openly (which you do, in your fancy phrasing).

    If you let go of your condemnation and hatefulness, that's when you're really "open".

    You're not there yet. Even if you'd like to think you are.

    There's many things I'd like to say about your ignorance, but I'll hold my tongue and not stoop to your level.

    Anyways, you should also leave people alone and not harass them with rude religious and hateful messages, just because they didn't agree with you and did not want to donate to your little blog-giveaway. It's her right to say no, and you should respect them and leave them alone.

  20. So...I'm curious as to how you choose these values of which you speak of. I mean, you choose from Old and New Testament, but you pick things out of context. I mean, I hate to beat a dead horse, but have you read Leviticus. Some of the stuff is a bit out-dated.

    I also feel compelled to tell you that the initial colonies were founded on the principle of freedom from religious persecution. The phrase 'Under God', was added later. Modern history will tell you that. While the first settlers WERE Christians, they didn't claim the soil for God.

  21. I have to say that I think it is insane that such a short and open post would receive some of these mean-spirited comments accusing of a mean-spirit. I respect you for not replying as of yet, I know I would have a hard time giving a loving response.

    Sean, ALL scripture is God-breathed useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness. Not just the New Testament or the Old. It is all the Word of God. I encourage you to read Leviticus (Not just skim it, and boy, do I know it is tempting!) and delve into what the law (and the fulfillment of the law) really means, and what it points to. I know a great bible study for it if you are interested!

  22. Anna,

    Your thoughts and comments were spot on.
    Homosexuality is SUCH a controversial topic. What is amazing to me is the hate-filled comments you are receiving, when all you did was speak what you believe in.
    Your post was NOT hate filled, your post was NOT attacking. But that's all people know how to respond with to something they don't like to hear.

    It blows me away when people try to quote scripture, talk about a God they have no relationship with and pretend they are knowledgeable about a Bible they have only glanced at.
    Although...I USED to be one of those people. I used to think Christians were idiots, this god they served was an ogre, hungry for acknowledgement and worship and Christians were these super narrow-minded hypocrites.

    After reading the Bible, learning more about the TRUTH of it and diving in...i can see that God IS love, forgiving and a REDEEMER.

    HE redeems us of our sin (which starts from a thought). He HELPS us when we are weak (which is often) and he restores broken-ness (which everyone will be "broken" at least once in their lifetime).

    Homosexuality IS a choice; they are not born that way. If it were truly a genetic change or "fluke" so to speak, the "homosexual species" would be flushed out due to the fact that pro-creation cannot happen in homosexuals.

    Being gay is due to many life experiences and choices.

    BUT we do not condemn the sinner...FOR we ALL fall short of the Glory of God....but we still are to not accept the sin.

    Good job staying strong in your faith, girl! :)

  23. I love this! I so agree with everything. As crazy as I can be when talking about this, droning on and on about what God really says all over the NEW testament and such about how WRONG it is, I couldn't think of anything to add. Great job. (:

  24. I'm just wondering - why do you think homosexuality is a choice? Have you asked anyone who's gay or lesbian whether they "chose" to prefer the same sex?

    If homosexuality is a choice, then heterosexuality is too. Did you ever in your life face this choice? Think hmm, should I be homosexual or heterosexual? No - heterosexuality comes naturally. You are born that way. Similarly, homosexuals are born that way.

    Just ask parents of the LGTB - they often notice from a very young age that their kids dress or act more like the opposite gender. At 2 or 3 or 4 or 5, who could make a "choice" about which sex to love? Kids that young don't think about sex and love. They don't think about liking one gender or another. It is part of their identity.

    Also, to respond to your point about a serial killer: many have mental disorders that essentially cause them to murder. They do not choose this disorder. They choose to kill, yes, but that choice isn't really a free one as when you or I would choose to kill someone because of the mental problems.

    I am Christian, but my morals just will not allow me to agree with this close-mindedness. It's just wrong to deny a person this freedom, especially in a country like America that was based upon the very concept of being able to do what one feels is right.

    And let's just say someone was homosexual and, for some reason, thought they had made a choice to be so. What would you propose they do to "become" heterosexual? How does one change the sex one is attracted to?


  25. If genetics were the cause of sexuality, homosexuality would not repeatedly show up. Genetics are passed down through parents, and a homosexual cannot really have children of their own. I think you can see the dilemma. Admittedly, nowadays a baby of chosen genetic material can be 'grown' in many different ways, but such has not been the case for long. Homosexuality in genetics would have been weeded out long ago.

    Honestly, I believe that even heterosexuality is a choice. I don't know why you would assume it wasn't. Every single situation in life contains a choice, the hard work for a Christian in this is trying to understand which of the choices are most God honoring, and then following through with the decision that seems to most honor God.

    I hold that sexuality is a choice, one that can definitely be influenced by upbringing. It is extremely possible that something is askew in the upbringing of young children that show such tendencies, and often actions are misdiagnosed. Just because a young boy shows interest in feminine things and shows emotion, it is common to say "Oh, look at that, he'll grow up to be homosexual" and vise versa. This can be accepted by the parent before the child is even old enough to decide.

    As a fellow follower of Christ (and please know I mean no judgement although I can't help if you see it that way, fellow Anonymous) you might want to look at where you are basing your morals. If they are based like most of America on what feels right to the individual and not on the foundation that Christ based his morals on, then there may be something askew in your faith.There is only one Way.

    For the last question of changing sexuality, there is a simple Sunday school answer. Prayer. If God can heal the blind and mute and bring the dead back to life, I'm sure He can awaken new passions.


  26. Anna, first of all, thank you for stepping out and voicing your opinions, no matter the cost. I personally don't think you were in anyway "attacking," but..maybe just a little bit naive (NOT meaning that harshly, just..read the rest of my comment. ;)

    Secondly, I have my “two cents,” too, which I would like to share. =]

    I believe homosexuality is wrong—just to clear the base on that. But also, I think that before stepping out and voicing this in a post, I would research/know my grounds a little. For instance, nearly 99% of homosexual people were sexually abused in some way as children or as infants (thus making them oblivious to the fact). As an effect of being abused, these people have different sexual feelings than “straight” people do, understandably not entirely by their own fault. This means that yes, being gay/lesbian is a choice, but it is also a choice that comes from strong feelings which are nearly impossible to get rid of on their own, if there is no desire to be rid of them.

    Thinking this way, it is hard for me to judge someone who is gay/lesbian, because I know that they struggle with things I have never had to cope with—and if I had been abused or gone through things that they had, I would most likely struggle with being lesbian, too. BUT. The Lord says that He does not give us temptations that are too difficult for us to handle, and so just as I might be tempted REALLY STRONGLY to drink alcohol against my parent’s wishes (this is just an example—not something I struggle with, hehe), I can make the choice to withstand it.

    In closing, I think that there isn’t really any future in telling people being gay/lesbian is wrong. Because, deep in their hearts, they know it already—but if the desire to change isn’t there, they won’t change. It’s their choice, their life, and one thousand people shouting at them and telling them they are sinners isn’t going to do a thing—just like if I am DEAD SET on drinking alcohol and am telling myself it’s fine/hearing others tell me it is fine, I will do it. The ONLY thing that will change me—and them--is Jesus.

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is this: wait before you post something like this, and just pray. Pray because God is the ONLY One who can make a difference/change is a homosexual’s life, and change wrong choices into right ones. He can turn people in every circumstance, and can always change darkness to light.


  27. P.S. (I forgot to say that it is crazy when people say God "supports" gay-ness..that is NOT true, and I love the way you showed us that clearly. :)

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