Hello Summer 2011!

I seriously cannot express to you all how extremely ecstatic I was today when I finished my last math test {of the year baby!}. I feel this sense of freedom and this large weight lifted off my shoulders. Break is officially here and there is so, so, so much in store for this Summer! I cannot even begin  to explain all what I will be doing.

Summer consists of swimsuits...

the lake, swimming pools, pontoon/jet ski/tubing, sleepovers, and cookouts...

pink lemonade, relaxing, the beach, juicy hunks of fruit, flip-flops, shorts, Emerald Point {water park}, chit-chatting with friends and family...

late nights, catching fireflies, shopping, sundresses, evening strolls, and seeing life in technicolor once again.

Not only am I {very} happy that it is officially Summer break; but I was able to fix my itouch! <----Long story. To tell the story in a short way, apparently the passcode on my itouch decided to be strong willed and would not work. I tried multiple times to figure out my passocode, but nothing worked. I called Apple yesterday (and talked to a lady who slurred all. of. her. words) and finally solved the problem (with a bit of their help/my insanely awesome itouch skills ;)).

All of that to say, my itouch is now fixed, everything is deleted off of it, and I currently have one song ("Hair"...don't laugh...).

What do you plan to do this Summer?


  1. Ahhhh!!! SUMMER 2011! Haha It will not suck like all the rest of my summers have... I am making a goal to have the best summer of my life this year! I plan to go to the river, hang out with my boyfriend as much as humanly possibly, hang out with my family and his family, make memories, take thousands of pictures, get a tan, even get a sun-burn, stay up way too late and wake up way too early, and just have the time of my life! :) Oh how I love summer! Love this post... you've made me happy.
    -Rachel Lynn

  2. Ooh, what a summry post! I must say, I LOVE summer. Summer and me are like this: *twists two fingers together* =)

    Love that bathing suit! Goregeous.

    Love you!

  3. Oh your swimsuit is so cute! Summer is so awesome. My favorite part of summer is relaxing with my family and have bbq dinners. :)

    I hope you have a great summer! And from the sound of it, I'm certain you will. :D


  4. itouch? Is that a iPod Touch?

    Have a great summer.

  5. I am SO pumped and ready for summer!!! :D I plan on hanging out with friends and family, eating fresh strawberries to my heart's content, and going to the theater to see all the latest movies! And summer down here in Texas is super hot, so of course I will be swimming. ;)

  6. p.s. I'll number your comments asap. right now it's saying that each comment is #1. ;)

  7. Hello again! You've been awarded on my blog! :) Check it out here:
    God Bless!
    -Rachel Lynn

  8. Well...i plan on doing alot! Summer Camp with our church, Summer With The Arts, VBS, the beach!!! So much fun....



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