Anti-Homosexuality: part 3

Last year in November, I did my first post on homo-sexuality. Last May, I did anti-homosexuality: part 2 and responded to those who are for gay rights. And now, it is time for Anti-Homosexuality: Part 3.

It may sound strange, but I really enjoy seeing all the different arguments and opinions; including those who are pro-homosexuality.

Let's get to the responding, shall we?
{note: I am only responding to those who are pro-homosexuality}

Erin / Miri-love said...

Let you who is blameless throw the first stone.
Let's worry about ourselves before we try to judge others for their shortcomings. Surely we have issues of our own that keep us just as far away from God.
"What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? God will
judge those outside. 'Expel the wicked person from among you.'" 1 Corinthians 5:12-13

The above verse clearly states that we as Christians are held accountable to confront (and yes, judge) one another if we are sinning. Is it judging that person? Absolutely. Is it judging wrongly? Absolutely not. If somebody is homosexual and claiming to be Christian, we as Christians are to confront them. Why? Because you cannot claim to be Christian yet live in sin when God has clearly (and in many times throughout the Bible) confirmed that Christians are not to be homosexual nor live a homosexual type lifestyle in any way, shape or form.

Anonymous said...

You should judge yourself before you judge others.
I just talked to someone who told me you were one of the rudest, most hate filled people she had ever encountered. And she didn't even know about this narrow minded, judgmental and hateful post about homosexuality.
I am sure you will delete this post before you allow it on your blog, but I just wanted to say that you shouldn't go hating on other people so much. You already have a terrible reputation as a blogger, and if you want to be successful with an online blog, professionalism and courtesy will go a long way.
Oh, and they might help you get into heaven, too.
Anonymous, what you commented is called an Ad Hominem argument. Ad Hominem arguments are where you attack the person rather than arguing your point. When you attack the person instead, it does nothing to help support your case. Why? Because there was no real argument in the first place and all you are doing is insulting the person.

Anonymous said...

You people are pathetic.
Again, an Ad Hominem argument.

Anonymous said...

I'm far more concerned with starving children, deep poverty, and the state of our environment than with what my neighbors choose to do in the privacy of their own home.
I choose to let God judge the sinners, I'd rather focus my energy on the positive.
Whether children have full stomachs or not, people are in deep poverty or not, or what the state of our environment is like...homosexuality is still wrong. Once again, read 1 Corinthians 5:12-13.

Qinni said...

What jokes. You're not open at all. You only tell yourself that to make yourself feel better and more "righteous".
Although being open might not mean that you have to support them, but it should at least mean that you wouldn't condemn and judge them openly (which you do, in your fancy phrasing).
If you let go of your condemnation and hatefulness, that's when you're really "open".
You're not there yet. Even if you'd like to think you are.
There's many things I'd like to say about your ignorance, but I'll hold my tongue and not stoop to your level.
Anyways, you should also leave people alone and not harass them with rude religious and hateful messages, just because they didn't agree with you and did not want to donate to your little blog-giveaway. It's her right to say no, and you should respect them and leave them alone.
When I said, "I'm open." at the end of Part 2, I meant that as in, "I am ready for whatever is thrown at me." I do not at all "hate" homosexual people. Just because I do not agree with that lifestyle does not mean that I "hate" them. Secondly, I did not harass the Etsy seller. I asked her if she would be interested in donating to a giveaway, she said "No" for a few reasons; one of them being that she did not like my opinions on homo-sexuality and she continually egged on the conversation. Each time, I responded. That is not harassing. That is responding to a message.

Your comment is an Ad Hominem argument.
Sean said...

So...I'm curious as to how you choose these values of which you speak of. I mean, you choose from Old and New Testament, but you pick things out of context. I mean, I hate to beat a dead horse, but have you read Leviticus. Some of the stuff is a bit out-dated.
I also feel compelled to tell you that the initial colonies were founded on the principle of freedom from religious persecution. The phrase 'Under God', was added later. Modern history will tell you that. While the first settlers WERE Christians, they didn't claim the soil for God.

I must say, I was rather baffled when I received your comment. I am not sure why you seem to get the impression that I am taking things out of context. I listed one Bible verse in my last Anti-Homosexuality post which was,

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

Again, look at the key words I bold-faced.
I was using that verse as a response to a commenter who was arguing that God said gay sex was wrong but loving the same gender is not wrong. It is clearly not taken out of context.

What are your opinions on homo-sexuality?

as a side note: Our desktop computer isn't publishing your comments, so if you see that yours did not appear, please do comment again!


  1. Just my personal opinion, if a person is gay, GOOD FOR THEM! If they are happy, then they rock. I don't think it's a 'sin' at all.

    I totally understand your opinion. I think your a fabulous blogger. (not to mention you take ah-mazing pictures!)

    And no, I'm not gay. For an example, if one of my friends was gay, I wouldn't tell them it was wrong. Because I believe that it isn't. I think they're just that way from a young age. I would love that friend just as much as I did as when they didn't know they were gay. I would much rather let them live a so called life of sin than not be able to be who they are.

    Again, I don't think it's a 'sin'. I don't believe it will make a difference as far as whether they're going to heaven or hell. (I don't actually believe there is a hell.)

    Anyhoo, to sum my comment up, I support homosexuals. I seriously wish people would leave them alone and just get over the fact that not everybody is the same.

    I look forward to hopefully another post on this subject. It makes an interesting discussion. :) Again, not trying to make anybody angry. If you're anti-gay, good for you, if you're for gays, good for you. Everybody is EQUAL and God loves everybody the same.

  2. I don't want to seem rude and I don't want to get into arguments over this, but I just read all three of your posts on this subject and am extremely shocked. I am not a religious person, never mind Christian, so maybe that's why I don't agree with you, but I think it is awful how you have set your mind so against something that some people truly can't do anything about.

    It doesn't matter if you hate them or not, you shouldn't be so quick to judge. Accepting people for who they are, no matter what race, gender, size, or sexuality is what really matters, not whether they spend their time with the same gender or not.

    Those are my two cents, so feel free to fight them.

  3. i'll back you up any day. :) you're doing the right thing, and if people don't like what you say than they should just quit reading your blog. i'm sorry, it's not as if you're forcing them to read it.
    God didn't make adam and bob, he made adam and eve. he made it so that only a man and a woman could and should be together.
    and don't let those brats get you down, whatever they said about you and your blog was just pure stupid on a platter so just ignore it, as you seem to be doing very well ;)

    keep up the good work, believe it or not you are making a difference in this world. we need more people to stand for what's right without being ashamed.

  4. I don't understand homosexuality and how a person begins to feel that way completely, but I totally believe that God says it is wrong. That doesn't mean that I think of homosexual people as "lower" or "less" than other people. God loves everyone equally. However, I do believe that homosexuality is wrong.

  5. I agree with you. It's wrong.
    It is also a choice. I've been tempted to do things with other girls. I even kissed a girl once. When a friend of mine confronted me and told me my thoughts and actions were wrong. I am so thankful that she did. The sin was eating me alive.
    Did I enjoy the lesbian stuff? YES!
    does that make it right? NO!
    I'm so pleased to see a Christian standing up for what she believes. Love the sinner. Not the sin.

  6. I beleive in "hate the sin , love the sinner" as you so clearly expressed here "I do not at all "hate" homosexual people. Just because I do not agree with that lifestyle does not mean that I "hate" them. " I feel sorry for gays, sorry that they have resorted to such a form of unatural behaviour and call it "love" Sorry that in some cases cercumstances in their life have made them not want to be with the opposite sex. I pray for them , I pray that God will remove the scales from their eyes and they will find true love, and for all mankind to all love one another. I wish and pray for world peace and unity, and I pray that i may always hate the sin and love the sinner and that they will do the sma for me. I ain't perfect, but I have Jesus and I'm trying to follow his way.

  7. I appreciate your opinion but honestly this is very rude. I'm pretty sure the bible tells you to love and accept everyone. This however is not loving or accepting them, it is telling them that what they feel is wrong. That to me is cruel and not fair. People cannot just choose which sex they like. We NEED more love in this world and telling them it's wrong is just another reason for hatred. I know people who like the same sex and they are some of the most incredible, nice, nurturing and happy people I have ever met! I'm not asking you to change your opinion because I can't do that but at least have a different outlook on it. To be a bit weirded out is one thing but to be disgusted is just well, disgusting. Don't complain about how we need more love in this world if you can't even do it yourself.

  8. Thanks so much for being willing to speak out about this. I couldn't agree more. I really appreciate this, and would post about this issue on my blog, only I'm going to have to work to make it a good argument (I'm not such a great writer). Unfortunately they just passed a law to legalize gay marriage in my state. This world is in sad shape.

    God Bless,

  9. I think that for some people, being gay really is a choice. A wrong one.
    For others, due to whatever reasons (not a straight out "choice"), they feel a strange love for the same sex. This is not right. It is a perversion of a normal instinct. Acting on these passions, i. e. sex, is wrong, as is having them at all! Sometimes it isn't the person's fault, though, but it is still wrong. (yes that was circular reasoning--sorry!)

    Just because someone is gay, doesn't mean they have to act on it. I believe it is something that some people have to deal with. Homosexual desires should be fought against like all sin should be. It is an abomination in God's eyes, and he loves each of us too much to want us to fall into it.
    And really, God is the only One who can take away these longings permanently. Stick close to Him, and He will make you complete.
    For Christians, we need to treat homosexuals with compassion, but we shouldn't condone their behavior at all.

  10. Thank you so much for this, Anna. I agree with you. :) Homosexuality is not a Christian way of living, no matter how much anyone would like it to be. God created us the way we are, and made us to love the opposite gender for many reasons.

    Thanks again - I like how calmly and cooly you answered those questions, despite the stinging remarks. You were very level-headed, and I admire that.


  11. I don't like the idea of girl/girl boy/boy relationships, but I don't hate them either. I do not try to mess with their love life if they are homosexual, because we have no right at all to mess with their lives. In America we have the right to speak our minds, but we have to respect the opinions of others.

  12. Anna, this is wonderful. I was nodding along with everything you said. I have had a few gay acquaintances and with them I always did the "love the person, hate the sin" thing. You're very right, homosexuality is a choice, if I wanted to (which I don't), I could be gay. And about that one person saying that leviticus "stuff" was out-dated? I'm Jewish-Christian, and there are many people out there who realize that God never did away with that. So your old testament verses are still, very, I don't know, "activated" if that makes sense. ;)

    Thanks so much for choosing to put this out there girl!

  13. Somebody said just because a person is gay doesn't mean the have to act on it, but my argument is: That is who they are! They are happy. Why can't we just leave people alone and focus on bigger things. People are starving and dying all over the world, and everybody is worried about homosexuals. This world is so full of hate. Even the people that are commenting on these posts- some of them are rude and hateful. (I know I probably sound like that, and it's not my intent.

    I'm not religous.I believe there is a God, and I honestly don't think he cares if somebody's gay. Why would he not want someone to be who they are?? It's not like somebody just decides "oh, I feel like being gay." I think that they are born that way.

    I'm not trying to point fingers at anybody. You all rock for sticking to your convictions.
    Just my opinions. I like a good argument. :-)

  14. I,personally, do not "support" homosexuality.
    It is a sin and is just flat out wrong.
    I am not trying to elevate myself above anyone who is. I am just as much a sinner as anyone else. God says,"No one is good not even one". So I am in no way any "better" or "more righteous" than any homosexual. I know people who are gay/lesbian and I love them to death,but that does not mean I agree with the lifestyle they have chosen.
    Thanks for being so open with your thoughts Anna. :) Great post.


  15. I agree with you, Anna. Sin is still sin, and God clearly says not to do it. Everyone is born with sin. That IS who we are. But through Christ our sin can be cleansed. It doesn't mean you can't love someone with the same gender, but God says it's wrong to have physical intimacy with someone of the same gender, so it's wrong. Sure, someone may be "born" that way, but everyone is born with sin. That doesn't make it alright.

  16. I have another thing to add-- If gays really were born that way and were supposed to be gay.. then why were they not born with the correnct parts to reproduce with the same gender as themselves?

    I'm not judging or hating or any such thing. It's just a thought I had.

    Love always,

  17. Like Kendra said, we are all born with sin. Why don't we focus on our own sin instead of others?? Let's just let homosexuals be.

  18. What a topic to discuss! My dad is the Director of True Diversity, an organisation based on sharing the facts about homosexuality. I've grown up knowing that no one is born that way and could list a whole presentation on the topic, but wont:). I'm glad you made a stance in an ever increasing heated topic! If anyone needs more resources a great website to visit is http://pfox.org/default.html. Thank you and keep shining!

  19. Thank you for standing up for the Truth of God's Word! :) Remember always "speak the truth *in love*". :)

    God bless,

    Proverbs 16:3

  20. I, for the most part, agree with you, Anna. The Bible blatantly says homosexuality is wrong, yet Christians blatantly ignore it just to be "politically correct". But... I'm a bit confused... many of the comments displayed in this post say, "Gay people can't help it!" but you've never answered that. I'm not an expert on homosexuality or anything, so I don't know- is it just an abnormality in their hormones? Because I don't think they CAN choose to not be gay, just to STOP being gay. Am I right?

    Thank you for posting something like this in a fluff-filled blogworld where the most important things are cute vintage outfits or traveling to Paris. I may not wholeheartedly agree/ understand you, but thank you!

  21. Anna G!
    I so very much admire your courage and faithfulness to God and His Word. You are a light in a very dark, sinful world! I agree 100% with everything you said! It's funny how people say claim you are a bigot, and are "narrow-minded" when that is EXACTLY what they are being when they are not open to your views on homosexuality. It's also funny how they have nothing better to do than cyber-bully you on your beliefs! You are such an encouragement to me! I love you!
    Your friend FOREVER,
    Emily Grace

  22. I don't comment on your blog very often, but thought I would stop in with a few thoughts on this one. My thoughts aren't directly related to homosexuality, though. Sorry. :)

    I read through all the comments people have posted here. Over and over again, I've read responses with "love the sinner, hate the sin." Can someone PLEASE tell me where that is in Scripture?

    ...I'll give you a hint... it isn't. And if Christians are quoting something, as if it is from the Bible, but in fact is not from the Bible, that pretty much means they are quoting something UNbiblical.

    Hear me out on this one.

    If you really LOVE someone.. you call them out on their sin and expect them to do the same for you.

    If you really LOVE someone.. you hold them accountable. ALWAYS.

    If you really LOVE someone.. you encourage them to pursue righteousness in ALL areas of their life.

    If you really LOVE someone.. you should expect them to be growing and becoming more Christ-like with every single passing day.

    Love the sinner, hate the sin? No. That's not love. That's hiding behind a nice, contrite statement while simultaneously enabling someone you "love" to keep sinning. It's being a stumbling block for others which, in fact, is DEFINITELY against Scripture.

    If you're a believer, Christ is at work within you. You should be becoming more Christ-like. I think we all agree on that. Never- Not ONCE- in Scripture does Jesus come across someone with sin in their life and say, "Boy, your sin sucks, but I sure do love you!" No. He calls them OUT of the sin. He confronts them- OUT OF LOVE- and tells them to go and sin no more.

    American believers are failing at this. We don't want to deal with sin because sin is messy. Sin hurts. Sin is so deeply imbedded within our hearts and within our world that people can actually look at it.. and call it good. That's what you're seeing in a lot of your comments.

    "It makes them happy."
    "Good for them."
    "God doesn't care."

    All of these show just how deeply sin has taken root in this broken world.

    Yes, starving children are a product of that brokeness.

    But so is war.

    So are splintered families.

    So is death.

    So is deception, corruption, pain, disease, heartache.

    And so is homosexulity.

    The real discussion you should be having is on the seriousness of sin and the degree to which it's permeated our society- not whether or not hoosexuality is wrong. There are bigger issues at the heart of this matter.

    Sorry this was so long. I just have a lot of thoughts on the matter. And, with that, I complete my novel. :)

  23. GO GIRL! The Bible talks about homosexuality and says it's TOTALLY WRONG.
    Ignore the comments that say it isn't mentioned in the Bible.:)

  24. Hm. If we're really looking into the Bible this way, I'd like to put in that according to the Bible, incest is also clearly justified. According to the Bible, it is okay to get your daughter pregnant. Do you think that's morally right?
    I'm a Christian. I'm not gay. And I say for goodness sake, I didn't know there was still this much bigotry in this country.

  25. @gk, So we should hate the sin and hate the person?

    "Yes, starving children are a product of that brokeness.

    But so is war.

    So are splintered families.

    So is death.

    So is deception, corruption, pain, disease, heartache.

    And so is homosexulity."

    I agree with you completely on that, and I respect your opinion. But are there not more important things we can work on in this world?? How can we tell what God is thinking/saying? Most of the Bible was written by people who AREN'T God. How can we be SURE that they weren't writing whatever they wanted in those verses? We can't. Maybe they were. They probably were. But, you can't be absolutely sure, unless (like in my Bible), the words (of Christ) are in red.

    Is it not a sin to judge homosexuals? From a lot of your comments, that is what I see some of you doing.
    And that is as bad as a sin as being homosexual.

    How would you feel if someone pointed out what a sinner you were? That you were living your life so un-perfectly and basicly that God doesn't love you as much as he loves straight people?

    gk also said: "The real discussion you should be having is on the seriousness of sin and the degree to which it's permeated our society- not whether or not hoosexuality is wrong. There are bigger issues at the heart of this matter."
    I SO agree with that. There are FAR bigger issues than homosexuality.

    and Acacia said, "GO GIRL! The Bible talks about homosexuality and says it's TOTALLY WRONG.
    Ignore the comments that say it isn't mentioned in the Bible.:)" Yes the Bible talks about it. Is it GOD'S words? The verse in Corinthians that I read wasn't in red. And we're all entitled to our own opinions, and I feel that Anna Gray does very well in reading people's opinions and respecting them even if she doesn't agree. I don't think she ignores any comments.

    We all have sin. We should all concentrate on our OWN sin before bashing other people. God loves gays just as much as anybody else.
    I respect every single person's comment and opinion. And, Anna, I promise that I will stop commenting. :-P

  26. @gk- promise i'm not attacking you or anything like that, just letting you know my point of view on your words. you said, "Love the sinner, hate the sin? No. That's not love. That's hiding behind a nice, contrite statement while simultaneously enabling someone you "love" to keep sinning. It's being a stumbling block for others which, in fact, is DEFINITELY against Scripture. " but i disagree with that. are you saying that it's wrong to love the person who sins? if that's so, we'd hate everyone. i don't think "Love the sinner, hate the sin" necessarily means you ignore the sin. Jesus loved everyone AS he pointed out their sin. the bible tells us to love everyone and to hate sin, so i think that's pretty much what that catchy phrase means. :)


    @Rachel Hipps and guinevere: Just want to clarify... I never said "Hate the sin, hate the sinner." What I was trying to say is... If you're going to claim to love someone, you don't let them live in sin. Yes, we all sin. But we are also called to rise above it, through Christ, with the encouragement of other believers. I was merely making the point that a lot of people who say "Love the sinner, hate the sin" do NOTHING about confronting the sin in their friends' lives. That's not real love. Real love gets tough sometimes and expects more. I WANT the people who say they love me to hold me accountable. Sometimes we're blind to our own sin. It's easy to rationalize. That's why we NEED to be in a community of other believers. Hope that clears some of it up. I would definitely encourage you NOT to hate people! :)

    also @Rachel Hipps: I'm just sort of confused about part of your comment, I guess. So do you just diregard the parts of the Bible that are things people other than Jesus say? What about the entire Old Testment that screams His name and the hundreds of prophecies within that He fufilled? I 100% believe that ALL Scripture is God-breathed, which I kind of gather you don't? That could be an incorrect assumption, since it's based on only one comment from you. But can you give me an example of where one of the disciples, or other writers of the New Testament, said something that was contrary to the words of Christ? And, realistically, Christ didn't write down His words.. His followers did. So couldn't that still be inaccurate, based on your ideas that only His ACTUAL words matter? It seems to me that the people who wrote the New Testament, who were beaten, tortured, ridiculed, and ultimately killed for proclaiming Christ's name, would be saying the things Christ would have said. They wouldn't be willing to die horrible deaths for fun. IT was all- ALWAYS- for Christ.

  28. Anonymous, i agree completely with what you said about the Bible being 100% true! Right on!

  29. @GK,
    I believe that yes, the Bible is God's Word. Just how can we be sure that Paul or whoever didn't twist the words of God around a little? Maybe they didn't, maybe they are God's Words. I believe of course that the Scriptures are God breathed as you said. I can see that we disagree on this topic and I'm quite possible wrong. It's just that I feel kind of I don't know... sceptical because in my Bible, that one verse in Corithians isn't in red. And I'm NOT saying that I think that any verse not in red isn't God's word! It's just that one verse that I just kind of am not sure about. That is just me. Like I said, I could be very very wrong. My best friend I and I disagree on this topic, but I'm cool with that. Everybody's different. And I don't hate any people! I don't hate you! I don't hate any person that is anti-homosexuality. I'm really sorry if you got that impression from my comment. :(
    And yes, it God's words could be inaccurate since his followers wrote them down. And I'm sure that whoever wrote the Bible wrote down God's words exactly. Yes, it was alaways for Christ. After what you pointed out, I will say that I am/was wrong.
    But I am still pro-homosexuality and I will not tell anybody that they are living in sin. Just because that's the way I am and that is my opinion. If you feel differently, good for you. I hold absolutely no hard feelings AT ALL!
    Once again, it was just that one verse that I questioned/question. NOT the whole Bible. But don't we all sometimes question/think about a verse in the Bible? Maybe not. I believe the Bible is real and God's words. I don't hate anybody. I respect ya'll's opinions. :) God bless.

  30. I've come a bit late to the bandwagon, but I'll add a little to the tune here.

    I read through all the comments, and two phrases jumped out at me and were repeated quite a few times. The first was "I respect your opinion." The second was more of an idea than a set phrase, but was still repeated, about how it is basically anti-love to say two people of the same gender cannot love each other, and the world needs more love in it, so it is a terrible thing to deprive it of this love. < there were a few variations along this line

    These two phrases seem over-used and little understood. It might make a great blog post to discuss what it truly means to "respect" someones opinion. I have seen the words "I respect you opinion, but..." followed by a not-quite-respectful comment too many times before. It is much like saying something insulting and coupling it with an "oh, no offense" which may or may not be true, but does not change the fact that the insult was offending. It also would be good to discuss what it means to love another. There are two different definitions for the word 'love' in the above comments, physical intimacy and devotion being equated to each other.

    I have ideas on the definitions, but since I have not been thinking in this direction on it but for just a few moments, I don't feel my answers are yet solid enough, so I just share the questions. My definitions aren't set, so any answers you do share will be evaluated with equal ferocity as my own, and may change it, so have a go, please!


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