hello & good-bye

As you have clearly noticed, bella vita hasn't been updated in a little over a week. Why?

My week in a nutshell...

<> Tutored in the morning and Tied up loose ends school-wise.
<> Home-school group and auditions for Annie Get Your Gun.
<> School.
<> School and callbacks for Annie Get Your Gun.
<> School and then two friends over.
<> Two friends over and then to the library.
<> Church & out to eat with my MeeMaw
<>  Tutored and finished school.
<> Home-school group and parent meeting for Annie Get Your Gun.

Yes, pretty busy week. The good news though, is that I got my first speaking role in the play! My character is Minnie, one of Annie Oakley's siblings. This will be fun.

How has your week been?

Good-night. ♥


  1. My week has been pretty hectic, too! Congrats on getting that role, though! I am sure you'll do wonderful. :)

  2. I have been missing your posts ;) My week has also been crazy! School this time of year is always insane..


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