Giveaway Winners + Some Miscellany

Wow. I totally did not intend on posting the winners this late. My apologies! Anyway, thank you so much to all of the wonderful sponsors. Without them, the giveaway would not happen!

Here are the winners...

Always Anna earrings -- Jenny!
Filigree leaf earrings -- Erynn!
Orange metal daisy earrings -- Kaylee!
Bumblebee necklace -- Kiley!
Flower clip of choice -- April!
Say cheese print -- Miss Grace!
Spring flower clip -- Annie Jones!
Tulip print -- Lindsey Madison!
Print of choice -- Sydney!
Doughnut bracelet -- Hosanna!
Mustache earrings -- Diana!
Coffee ring -- DeAnza!

Congratulations to all of the winners! You all have one week to notify me by email (annagraysmith@gmail.com) with you mailing info.


One: Nothing interesting has happened lately. Wait. Oh yes -- something has! I was in my very first wedding. Remember when I took these photos? Yeah, I was in that wedding! It was a beautiful one too. And the bride? Most stunning one I have seen yet!

Two: I actually made it through final exams. It is a miracle I survived this semester. Heck, I'm surprised I didn't shrivel up and die. As you can see...er...read though, I am alive and well. All I have left school-wise is math. Huzzah!

Three: Finally, I am shooting in manual mode. It actually was Megan that encouraged me to do so. It started when I asked her a question about a camera, etc. and she suggested I shoot in manual. Honestly, the thought of shooting in manual scared me a bit (Me? Controlling everything myself? Nooo.) but I love it! A huge thank you to Megan for giving me the push.

Four: This.

Entering into Lucia's photo challenge

lucia, etc.

That is all. Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. i love shooting in manual! although, i still shoot in auto sometimes if i'm just snapping a quick picture.

  2. Congrats on your first wedding! And yes, manual mode is where it's at; I remember when I first started -- never turning back!

  3. How fun to be in your first wedding! I was in my first wedding when I was 7 and my big sister got married. It was so much fun! Then I was in my dear friend's wedding last summer. What a pretty shade of pink. I haven't tried manual mode yet. I would be interested in trying sometime but I haven't made the jump yet. Horrah for making it through final exams!!! Your picture is so pretty! Love the pose. :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!

  4. I Love the forth picture! The lighting is so beautiful!!!!
    <3 Laura

  5. Manual mode FTW. Seriously, though, it's amazing.
    And you're so cute in pink. ;)

  6. That looks like a fun wedding party!

  7. oh cool...i was a junior bridesmaid in my first wedding last october and it was AWESOME!! which was is you?
    and i love your entry for lucia's contest...a shame you weren't one of the finalists :(


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