Dreaming of Summertime

  As I slave over Math and perhaps cry a storm (Guys, I'm a baby when it comes to Math), I can't help but catch glimpses of Summertime in my head and think of how ready I am for it to hurry up and get here. Quite frankly, school is not my best friend in the world and we don't get along very well. Summer seems to sweep me off my feet though. We're pretty good buds.

Summer is for...

Scorching days & balmy nights//Folly Beach//Late nights//Sleepovers//Fireflies//Watermelon//Tubing in the lake's welcoming waters//Spending hours at the pool//Sundresses//Moping around the house all day//Iced coffee//Birthdays//Shorts + tank tops//Lemonade//Morning walks//Flip-flops//Taking pictures//Browsing the Internet//Traveling//Enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden

Are you dreaming of Summertime?


  1. I am not dreaming of summertime... because it's basicly summer here (in AZ)! and I'm LOVING it! :)

  2. YESSSSSSSS. I want to be out of schooool so badly!! And I feel you on math. I hhhhhaaate math and actually haven't even taken it in two years. It's been awesome.

  3. I do love summer. I like to take walks at night, leave the house without a sweater on, sip iced lattes. And no, I don't care for math either!

  4. Maths is the pits... literally. And no, I'm dreaming of Spring, when it's warm but not boiling...

    Found your blog through Formspring... :)



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