Mock Trial

Surely I would not have left you lovely readers in the dark, right? I promise I have not forgotten about you guys, it's just that I have had a very stressful, tense and nerve racking week. Yesterday evening, my Challenge B group and I participated in mock trial. And oh. My. Freaking. Gosh. I wasn't just a little nervous, I was utterly terrified. I was an attorney for Prosecution and for Defense I was on trial for supposedly murdering my husband.

You see, we had to do it in an actual court room, in front of a judge, in front of a jury panel, in front of 40 something spectators AND we had to do both the Prosecution and Defense (we would switch sides).

We did not win mock trial, but every single one of us on the team were very relieved. Some of the stuff that happened we totally didn't know would happen. Go figure.

However, I do think that it was totally worth doing it and I am glad that we had the chance to be able to participate in mock trial.

The judge also informed me that I look like Jodie Foster. Good deal.

Also, I am entering this photo in Polka Dot's portrait contest. I am pretty sure you guys know Gabe, the adorable little two year old I babysit. I mean, how can you possibly say no to that face? *wink*

Be sure to hop over to Polka Dot's blog and join the fun!


  1. What a fun idea. yOu all look great in your mock trial apparel. I love it. You do sort of favor jodie foster. Cool.
    Cute baby boy too. Love that smile.

  2. My friend did a mock trial once! You all look very professional. :)

    That picture is adorable- love the mischievous little grin!


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